Mysterious “giant Footprints’ Caused A Stir

In Quang Ngai province, in particular, Quang Ngai City has many 'footprints' on the rock that folk calls it the trace of the 'giant feet'. This story is very interesting, causing many people to get to the place to be entitled to the Department of Marketing ... to Nghia De Commune (Quang Ngai City), we heard the amazing story about the "giant" year of the land Create a mountain

. The story is evident from the "giant's feet" in the commune, in Go Moi area, in village 1, Nghia Du commune. here, on the rice field with a rock Large, about 3m high, on the rock surface with a trace "giant feet". Footprints deep on rocks about 5cm, 80cm long feet, 35cm wide; There are 4 fingers, the smallest finger of 7cm, the largest of 15cm
The legs of the giant in Go Moi, Nghia De commune (Quang Ngai City). Dong Truong Ngoc Son, in Team 4, Village 1, Nghia De commune said : Local people who lived this life through the life of each other, the past, "he giant" was the land, a very long footsteps should be slipped, two soils knocked down to create mountains (Thien An mountain) and mountains Turtle (Mount Thien Pen) .Step's leg of "giant he" is now imprinted on the rock. The day before, there were many large rocks stacked up, now exploited, only retaining the rock with the "giant leg". The rock has a "leg giant". is a temple. Right on the temple campus with a small stone slab, on the surface also had strange traces. According to the locals, it was the heel of "giant". According to the Deputy Director of the Provincial General Museum, Dr. Doan Ngoc Khoi, in the province there are about 20 "giant feet" on rocks, scattered in localities from coastal, delta to the domain Mountain, in which traces "giant feet" in Go Moi, Nghia De commune is the most intact
The landscape of Tinh Ky commune (Quang Ngai City) also has traces of "Confucian feet Giant "printed on the stone face. It also said that, the old" giant "to the mountain burdened into two hills to fill the sea, unfortunately he was slipped, so he created two hills today Kia Cua Sa Ky, it was An Hai Hill and An Vinh Hill. At the end of the "giant leg" with a unvention stone in the intestine due to the erosion sea water, it is called the "giant" wine cellar ... traces "giant feet" in the localities are associated with Ancient legends. It's hard to explain the traces of "giant feet", but this is an interesting story, not anywhere. Many people are curious when listening to the story telling and looking forward to once the market "Legs giant". At the prints of printing "giant feet" have beautiful natural landscapes, is an attractive visit to visitors on the cruise exploring the excitement of culture and nature in Quang Ngai. According to Minh Anh / Quang Ngai Newspaper

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