Mysterious Gold Warehouse King Ham Nghi: Armor Face ‘ky Nhan’

The gold warehouse King Ham Nghi in Quang Binh mountainous area is still a mystery. But there are men spending their lives for treasure tracing ... 0: 00/7: 25 Nam Dan to be on a sunny summer day in 1995

. At that time, it was a secretariat officer of the district people Minh Hoa (Quang Binh), I went to the golden tunnel and armored "Ky Nhan" Nguyen Hong Cong - who was digging, looking for the gold warehouse of Ham Nghi king in Mountain Code in the border area of Nguyen Hong Cong In a golden tunnel. Photo: T
P.Lúc, the agency with Simson BS 51 motorbike is no longer new, so it is good or broken. At the same times, I often brought out Mr. Cao Tiep's house at the top of the foot of the lime wooden bridge to fix. Days of familiarity should be familiar, so when I'm busy working, I often take me to send it to your family (because at the time Those, the district center has not yet been a kindergarten). At the beginning of the weekend, I still often go to the side of the car to repair the car and a lot of ministers make mechanics, wind welding ... those who are guests, the teapot side, Mr. Cao Tiep or tells about the young men some people Come place him made fake gold from brass
These people take fake gold to sell them to the underwritten people, ie in the plain up. "At that time, every word coin of Ham Nghi was considered to be 1.2 amounts (12 gold only). The fake coin after cooking the co-molded copper for the same as the land was buried, either or barrier for the outside of Hoen. At night, the buyer only shaved an outer layer to see the golden gold was sure to buy it, "he was Cao Tiep." There are also when the buyer, the gold seller discovered fake gold. die. But I'm not involved because I only do the coin according to them, don't bring it to sell to the old gold buyer, "it is Mr. Cao Tiep Bao. I have the story of the gold coin with the magic character This suspicion recounted with Mr. Thai Xuan Bo, then the deputy Chief Justice of the District People's Court where I worked. He had finished putting it straight: "Yellow story is there. At a young age, he still sneaked the round gold coins to fight with friends. Later the carrier goes back to the state. Now, there is a person who is peaching in that paint ". A other photo taken with a tourist machine, but Mr. Nguyen Hong Cong caught ... dodging people when the flash flashed. Photo: T.P.C.The gold story, Golden King Ham Nghi I heard the last gloss of the last years in the late 1980s when I went to this regulator to stay to work deeply. But at that time, we were deep, so I didn't notice. Now it was very excited again. I raised and knew there was a concrete, housing with a steep road opposite Mr. Cao Tiep's house once entering the area where the man was digging gold in Hoa Son commune . Meeting him quite, I invited the golden dug to play. Seeing him even hesitated, I said, "You go away with you. After work, I sell cheap for this watch. " I have I have a square-shaped electronic citizen watch, which is quite rare in this mountainous area, so he accepts the word. I told the agency leader to the paint area to verify the civil dispute and Combined into the gold digging area. Earlier, it was intended to go back to Dong Hoi town to borrow a baby's travel camera with two tobacco packs and buy Konica-colored films. Two brothers go from early morning. The path of silk stones like a piglet moment of the pass, when zinging is poor through the forests. Arriving in the commune, we turned left according to the small road leading to the foot of the Lap Pass (relatives here called the waist to make up). A tunnel door is made by Mr. Nguyen Hong Cong Dao. Photo: T.P.Deon establishes stand, full of sharp cat ears. Hoa Son commune is surrounded by horny rock ranges. The only road to Hoa Son commune is through this upper waist. The way to accomplish cold stones. The person who has not used to have just cow crawls on the stone, it can't go straight. Footsteps rebound together, but it was impossible to float comfortably. That's why the ancient people give the name that impressively heard, the waist is updated. It's a big underground, we go to the neighborhood to go to the neighborhood and begins to squeeze up the top of the long slope between the dense . Going for two such slopes, it caught the old new lands mixed together. Mr. Dinh Bao: "That's it, the soil is caused by Mr. Cong (Nguyen Hong Cong) to pour gold into the yard, the big berth like that". Through a slot with a flowing water from the mountain , suddenly revealed a dark cave. The mouth is nearly 2m higher than 1m wide. He said: "This cave is about a few dozen meters deepened by Mr. Cong Dao but has not seen yellow should leave another dao." A large tree has also been triggered on the corner to open the tunnel. Photo: Mr. Lanh Nguyen Hong Cong makes a shelter at the foot of a sparse hill. Back to the back of the relatives of the relatives. Simple shack Only leaf roofing was old and looked quite torn. Hearing a voice of calling, he publicly removed the job and pulled away from the cave and then returned to Lay. It was a high man, a long face and had big eyes, Deep low. Mr. Cong looked at me suspects or. He supported the word: "This is Ho Chi Minh City, doing in the district court. It's a long time, I heard it for a long time, I heard it.

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