Mystery Of Weird, Permanent Temples Are Not Allowed To Open

As one of the oldest places, the most sacred in the world, exploring these mysterious temples seem impossible.1. Padmanabhaswamy Temple: is an ancient temple in India, Padmanabhaswamy Temple is associated with the abuse of the country or its country. The most famous thing about it is huge treasure hidden inside. The controversies around the temple are not only related to the value of the treasure, but because it is also associated with the ancient gods

. Because no one is sure that someone really deserves to receive the treasure of gods Linh, and this giant warehouse will forever be kept private here. Many people also voluntarily protected the temple so that its treasure was never opened and robbed, ensuring the sacredness and the value of the temple remained intact. The Corridor of the Egyptians: There are many reasons why the ancient ruins such as the Statue of Master in Egypt are never allowed to dig and dissect, although it has a great historical value
Archaeologists don't touch an architectural floor hidden beneath this giant statue, which is called the text corridor. This mysterious area was first found by archaeologists in the grave Tutankhamun's, they realized there were some big caves, seemingly natural cave, located just below the sphinx. To avoid those who want to find this area to prove it are real, the Archaeologists and the Egyptian Government prevented all investigations and searching for the nypothetarian statue. Exist or not, maybe we never know. The tomb of the first Chinese emperor: is one of the oldest and largest tombs in the world, Tomb of Qin Thuy Hoang is a mystery that probably can never decode it. This tomb has massive scale, divided into parts. Inside there are traps such as automatic crossbows, mercury ribbons and are very strictly protected. Many scholars have proposed exploring underground palaces and emperor tombs, but the palace scale is too Big and face many difficulties due to traps. Moreover, when excavating terracotta warriors, people have begun to realize that will be destroyed by these artifacts due to air exposure. Because of scientific causes and rumors about the curse in the tomb, this area will be carefully protected instead of excavation and exploring
4. The graveyard of monkey god: Located in Honduras is a forgotten city under the busy old forest. When using a remote control aircraft to explore the forest, they also found a large gate that could lead to an ancient ruins located underground, called the graveyard of monkey gods. However, in order to get to that, archaeologists will be forced to use helicopters to drop to the gate of the gate because the terrain here is very dangerous and difficult to access. Besides, they also face one The type of parasite can penetrate people and gradually destroy meat and organs. With these hazards, the underground ancient monuments are still abandoned and completely unable to set foot in 5. The city lost Aztlan: Although the treasure treasure in this relic is still only speculation, it seems to really exist a underground Aztect city in South America. It has not been excavated and discovered. Aztect is one of the largest dynasties in South American history, and their civilization has achieved great value achievements. The city of Aztlan is so famous because it is said to be the hometown of the seven Aztect tribes. Therefore, it is also known as the city with seven gates. According to Jessie Mai / Helino

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