Na Commercial Pioneer In Vo Nhai

Over 30 years ago, thanks to a boldly transforming nearly 1 sample of sugarcane land, it was not effective to cultivate Na, his family Mr. Doan Vang Sy, Ms. Truong Thi Tinh in Xom Xuan Hoa, La Hien commune became pioneers Economic development, enrichment from na trees in Vo Nhai district.0: 00/3: 26 Nam Nan 70 years old but Ms. Truong Thi Tinh is still attached to na and is one of the large na growing households of La Hien commune With nearly 3ha

. Story of the first person to cultivate Na commercials in Vo Nhai, the "market" Market "Na Na commune Xa La Hien showed us to our" forest "na lying at the foot of the stone mountain in Xuan Hoa hamlet. In the small house in the middle of the fruit garden, Ms. Truong Thi Tình Bui Ngu: My house (Mr
Sy - PV) died in 2019 for serious illness. And I still have a high age but still weighs with na - crops like a monk with family, helping us to overcome difficult time, get rich in the early 90s of the last century. Line time, year 1979, her love and grandmother on workers at Xuan Hoa quarry in the construction company No. 10 Bac Thai. At that time, the grandparents had two boys, family life struggling with a narrow salary. Workers' salaries are too low, grandparents borrowing money to borrow more than 1 sample of land, part of housework, sugarcane growth to the end of the year of honey for sale as other local farmers. Thanks to sugarcane, family life is partly improved. However, a few years later, sugarcane for low day efficiency. In 1987, some na plants grown in the garden with many advantages such as: wrong fruits, dark sweetness, fragrance, thick leps, little seeds .
. Mr. Sy discussing with his wife boldly transforming the entire sugar cane to planting Na. "That year, many people in the neighborhood prevented but we were determined to change," said her love. The love still remembers clearly, the whole breed, grandparents taking seeds harvested from 3 na is 5 years old in the garden The house has a nursery and planted in the spring of 1987. Not a surpass of caregivers, after 3 years of planting and na for their first batches. As expected, the whole NA that year has good quality, big fruits, thick stalks, dark sweetness with a light aroma, highly appreciated by the buyer. The year of that year, grandparents harvest na and sold it 700 thousand dong. The first achievements confirmed the right direction so the sister - the feeling is determined, spending a lot of effort to take care of the garden Na. In the following years, Na trees give more fruits, the quality of day a high quality helps his grandparents become a pretty fake economic household in the region. Especially, the success of the family of the grandparents - love to become a mirror Economic development to people inside and outside the commune. Initially, only households in Xuan Hoa villagers would like to breed Na to cultivate, later, other neighbors and even communes: Cường Thượng, Phu Thuong, Trang Xa, Tien Tien Province ... to go to the house To buy NA and learn to care for care. Nguyen Duc Thanh, people Xom Xuan Hoa Bong Bach: Thanks to the help of the Family - Love, my family has developed nearly 1ha of Na Planting, For income from 200-300 million dong each year. From the family of the grandparents - love and the first households, Na trees quickly developed throughout Vo Nhai district, becoming a key crop, enriched for hundreds Local family. Up to now, the whole district has over 450ha NA is having harvesting with thousands of tons per year. Locatical, Chairman of the People's Committee of La Hien commune said: The grandparents of the sister - love is one of those with Large public in building the NA region in La Hien commune. From the pioneers to cultivate Na commercial products such as his grandparents, so far, La Hien has become the largest na planting area in the province. The annual NA production of the commune reached over 3,000 tons, revenue of about VND 77 billion per year. Thanks to Na, many households have income of about 200 to 250 million VND / year, especially households income up to VND 400 million / year. Na tree has become the "enriched tree" of local people.

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