Nagelsmann: ‘i Will Like … Hamster’ Mouse

Look at my teeth like Hamster Mouse?! 0:00 / 1: 12 Southern Southernasty with the first title with Bayern Munich is Bayern's Super Cup, "General" of Bayern, coach Julian Nagelsmann said that . During stress and pressure release but on August 17, Bayern continues to "harvest" the ninth surveillance super trophy when defeating Borussia Dortmund 3-1.Phe Super Cup Germany, head title of Nagelsmann in Bayern. Photo: Getty in this three goals with Lewandowski's double. The first title came to Nagelsmann, 34 years old, he was excited and said: "I will continue to stock up every victory, every title with Bayern

. I like small mouse hamster. You see no myoths it's small and .
. Hamster redeeming like ".nagelsmann praises Lewandowski or over Haaland. Photo: Getty Feelling minutes with the first title with Bayern, Nagelsmann joked with the press .Nagelsmann also added that, the victory over Dortmund was more than a title because Bayern's match was very impressed, It is an optimistic thing for the team. A title is a good start, but he also has a job to do. This star Erling Haaland is in Dortmund's shirt and cause storms on the transfer market that cannot penetrate the "lobster gray" defense .hlv Nagelsmann is also known how to praise Poland's student: "At the age of 33, Lewandowski plays good, effective and impressed a lot compared to Haaland" .Thanh Ha

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