Nam Asked: ‘what Will You Do If I Forget To Pull The Pants’, The Female Candidate Answered Too Smart, Was Recruited Directly Into The Company

All 3 candidates listened to the question were stunned, silently lowered the thoughts to see if it was 9:00 to 2: 34 Southern employment was a very busy, fierce battle. To be recruited, you don't only need a good working experience but also have a high EQ, know how to behave ingenuity. And it's important that you are consistent with corporate culture. Today, employers not only ask questions about the ability to work but also ask a lot of "beard" to check the total candidate. There are strange sentences but helps them quickly screen candidates

. The young girl has submitted a lot of profiles online and eventually loved by the company. By the day of the interview, there are 2 more candidates competing position with small Vy. Initially, the employer asked all three people involving education levels, working skills,
.. but by the end of the session, a boss gave a fairly strange question: "If in the meeting The company, you suddenly discovered the male boss forgot to pull the pants and no one noticed this, what would you do? "All 3 candidates when listening to the question were stunned, silently lowered See how it should be answered. The illustration. The first person is a man who has many years of working experience. After thinking for a while, he said: "If you find your boss haven't pulled the pants, I will find the opportunity to walk to the boss and remind him to not be awkward." This answer caused employers to be dissatisfied and thought it was too trivial, nothing new. The second person is a woman, also has many years of experience. She gave the answer: "I will pretend to take water to your boss and accidentally pour water into his pants. At that time, the boss would look at the pants and realized the lock didn't pull"
This answer still does not satisfy the employer. They just nodded, didn't say anything and looked into the temple. It is a boss who has just dropped the pen. This will make him look down and discover not pulling the pants lock. " At this point, the new employer has nodded, smiling. According to the capacity, all three candidates have a good qualification but in terms of EQ, Tieu Vy has a more prosperous part. Very skillful trial. Therefore, the young girl defeated the other two rivals and was recruited by the company. Looking at the interview of Tieu Vy can see: Each problem has a lot of solutions but will lead to results different. Therefore, we must think carefully and find the best solution. An excellent employee must think of the most optimal solution, not to leave bad consequences - this is what every company desires.

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