Nam Dinh: Protecting And Promoting The Value Of Heritage Practicing Believing Of Vietnamese People

On June 15, 2021, the Provincial People's Committee issued Decision No. 1255 / QD-UBND to approve the Project 'Protect and promote the value of true beliefs of Vietnamese people in Nam Dinh province to 2030' .0: 00/7: 27 Nam Thieu performing the price of the pricing of believing Tam Phu model to meet the integration requirements in the general development plan of Nam Dinh province on tourism, cultural and legacy development . On that basis, contribute to the implementation of the tasks in the National Action Program to protect and promote heritage values committed by the Prime Minister with UNESCO after the legacy is enrolled as an intolerant cultural heritage Representative of Humanity 2016. From the "identity and value of national intangible cultural heritage" Nam Dinh hometown is the place of cement and reservation of many folk songs, people and many types Traditional art attached to unique religious activities

. In particular, "Ritual Festival of Vietnamese people", "Tran Temple Festival" and "Dense Festival" associated with beliefs worshiping the Holy Land and Worship are recognized as an intangible cultural heritage Country. From the form of folkowns in festivals, cultivating arts are created in association with the rationalization of the public caucus of Lieu Hanh and the Holy Father (Holy Tran Hung Dao). Through inventory of VH, TT and DL, the province currently has 287 relics associated with beliefs to worship the four-coated model, worshiping the Holy Land related to "Van Ceremony"
In which the population of cultural and cultural relics, Kim Thai commune (Circusory) is both the center of Lieu Hanh samples, and is also a place to regularly take place. In Y Yen district, there are 26 ruins related to Saints, but most focusing in Yen Dong commune such as hiding, covering and hill pagodas, from the road ... for beliefs worshiping the Holy Land, the center of the center of the center Concentrated beliefs in Nam Dinh City (Temple of Trach is located in the historical and cultural relics of Temple Tran, in Loc Vuong ward) and My Loc district (Bao Loc temple, in Bao Loc village, My Phuc commune). The unique feature of Van Nam Dinh art is a diverse form of expression such as: singing worship, singing the temple door, singing in the server and singing the exam. In the above forms, singing in the masturbation is the most common of Van Nam Dinh art, because associated with beliefs of Tam Phu, Tu Phu and beliefs worshiping the Holy Land ... according to researchers Artistic artistic, artistic art of Nam Dinh has a rich, delicate, rich and expropriate nuance system; Alternating the singing sections are music, blank combinations, blasting, stamasting, screwing, freshly attractive to listeners
From in temples, covering, as a professional meaning of mindfulness Linh, Van Van "transformed themselves" into the modern art stage, with spread in life, meeting the needs of the art culture of the people's classes. The tone of singing is composed of new content to praise the love of the homeland, the country, encouraging the unite of the entire people, agreed to stand up the enemy, liberation ethnicity, building and protecting the country . The soloological singing, duet, triangle, and dancing dance appears more and more on professional stage, well-received by the public, effectively serving political tasks. Currently, the whole province has many effective clubs activities such as: Club of Van Guan Thien (Xuan Truong), Canh Ca Huong Art Group, My Loc Town, My Trung Poetry Club (My Loc), Club Forten of Y Yen district, Poetry Club - Traditional Art Hai Hau District. With the unique artistic value, durable vitality in cultural life, in January 2013, "the Vietnamese writer ritual in Nam Dinh" is recognized for the national intangible cultural heritage. Animal cultural heritage Representative of humanity "Preferred artist Tran Thi Hue, Thu Tien Tien Huong (Kim Thai commune), Population of historical and historical relics (Culture) is Thanh The Vietnamese delegation attended the intergovernmental committee meeting on UNESCO's 11th Annival Planning Protection, which takes place in Addis Ababa, the Federal Democratic Republic Ethiopia is always moved every time Recall the event on December 1, 2016, at the Intergovernmental Commission Meeting on UNESCO's 11th Annisciplinary Cultural Heritage Protection, the Heritage Practicing the Tam Phu samples of the Vietnamese people The UNESCO is enrolled at the list of intangible cultural heritage representative of mankind. Another value is the Intergovernmental Commission on the protection of the intangible cultural heritage recognition, from the 1990s, the incense, disciples and practitioners who practiced this voluntary mobilization and contribution Money, support for maintaining festivals and restoration of sample worship. The State has issued many policies to manage festivals and heritages. The measures to protect and promote the value of the Heritage have been issued include: Developing policies to support and establish clubs the Ministry of Protection and Promoting the local heritage value; recover traditional festivals; organize scientific research, publish documentation; Organization of exhibitions, exhibiting and demonstrating legacy

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