Nam Singer Who Used To ‘live In Hell’ Because ‘scandal Shows Off Hundred Billion’

At the age of 18, Mr. Do Tung Lam suddenly won the first prize of a music competition. Successfully coming too early with the recovery market has swept him so fast that it is not possible to see the pitfalls around.Ca Do Tung Lam. From the second years, Do Tung Lam recognizes him Fascinated with art when regularly participating in the field at school and often composed music to teachers

. Parents of Tung Lam are the State Officer, South Singer is the second child in the family. He wants to take the music field but his father stopped. Once visited his hometown, he met relatives as a Musician Musician teacher
That charm made him agree to spare parts and learn music at the National Conservatory of Vietnam. Tung Lam used to be the youngest contestant in 12 contestants in the finals of a music competition, when 18 the age. Do Tung Lam has just stepped into Ho Chi Minh City, filled with a high prize with innocent, comfortable vocals. He hasn't done a lot, do not know how to seize the opportunity. However, he headed to the image of a versatile artist when he played, singing and singing. Nuch years later, he continued to win many music awards. Tung Lam is also a cinematic face that is well known in movies such as: White Angels, Protection Times @, Passionately passionate, when the saints are far from home, coffee falls 8 ... director Le Hoang was impressed with the beautiful eyes of Tung Lam, so he was cast the main role in the film of the white angel
Has happened, Tung Lam's career slowed down. Even a long time, because the scandal that Nam singer Bac Ninh Lao was like living in hell. Lam Lam was highly appreciated for talent both in singing and acting, but Scandal "borrowed houses hundred billion houses "Make me a feeling for a long time. In 2013, Tung Lam was in a family member. The house is worth about 200 yellow trees in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. Tung Lam takes pictures, the press posted the information he owned hundred billion. Immediately, the truth about the circumstances of Tung Lam's family was found. "A newspaper with a housing contact I said I want to learn, take a picture of my house. I agree to give the information and image to the newspaper. The landlord who talked to the picture "Just say this is Tung Lam's house. ' The newspaper puts question this is my house, or the giants, or gourd, even many people also call my money to borrow money. That time was unforgettable. A morning, I received dozens of phone calls ... I held a trembling phone, sweating, it took a day I was going to know everything. After that, I brought a feeling of ahead of my friends, colleagues, the shows on the backstage called me "the singer hundred billion", he remembered. Tung Lam also gradually has a show back. He went to sing, filming, participating in many of the TV programs but until now, names such as "lack of hundred billion", "hundred billion house singer" was attached to Tung Lam name as one. .. Difficulty stains clean. The story causes the male singer's family to affect heavily. His parents are sad but don't blame because their son needs a mental family. He himself also stressed to a constant insumption for 3 months. NEW NEW, I have to ask a new supportive sleeping pills to take a nap. The force to find the position after noisy, Tung Lam is not resigned to scandal to score his music talent so Tung Lam is determined to change And remake from the beginning. He persevered every day, every month, each year affirmed itself in each product. Evidence of the change of Tung Lam was 2019, he returned to the competition to listen to me and was awarded 3. In 2020, Tung Lam continued to fight at the contest of love storytellers. After many nights losing sleep insomnia because the music is not easy to sing, Tung Lam has conquered the highest position - the champion of this competition. He was "senior" Quynh Hoa praised as a serious person with the profession. In the personality of the self, Tung Lam confessed that people often called him a "old man" because he always principle at work. However, when communicating, everyone realized this was a guy or a game behind the stage. MC, singer Quynh Hoa revealed: "Since I knew Tung Lam came to the present, Tung Lam was still - 'A cute boy' in voluntary performance programs in Changsha. When I do the MC of 'love storyteller', every night exam see the incarnation of Tung Lam, I admire the seriousness of the profession and multipurpose of a close friend ". On the path of love, Tung Lam There was entangled to many dating suspects. He has the voice of peaches, possessing "the collection of girlfriends" the whole celebrity in the showbiz. "In love, it is true that I 'fertilize girls' but I don't want it. I want to have a long love, a beautiful affair, a happy family but don't understand why the love is left, come and go. People think I am a love, 'sad girl', stabbing no one dare to love me a one

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