Naomi Osaka Launches Kinlo Skin Care Product Line

On September 7, the Women's tennis player champion the GRAND SAM 4 times Naomi Osaka has launched a new skin care product line specifically dedicated to those with brunettes 9: 00/2: 04 Southern Southern product Nursing and restoration of 'Kinlò' is published for the first time in early 2021, including clean formulas built to protect and rejuvenate dark skin tones. With both kin and worry Meaning "gold" in Japanese and Creole Haiti, the brand shows reverence for Naomi's cultural heritage through its name, because the world tennis champion has a Father-American father Haiti, mother is Japanese. The product launches with Active Golden Rays sunscreen and is designed to eliminate the status of non-czech white cream streaks into the skin, as well as eye moisturizer , Mineral spray and moisturizing lipstick, with plans to expand out other products. "Through my personal and learning experience, I noticed that the da colored community and the skin Has often the factor to think of the last in discussions and research on sunscreen skin, and including being removed from clinical studies on skin cancer. In addition, there is a lack of sunscreen products produced for colored skin

. All of these points have led me to creating Kinlò, a brand of mission to top, "Naomi Osaka shares.Sao Tennis Female has worked with GoDaddy to create a website and online store, At the same time, a partner at A-Frame, a Los Angeles-based company specializing in developing sustainable personal care brands.Nomi Osaka will lead Kinlò as CEO along with Dr
Naana Boakye is a dermatologist to help ensure the highest efficiency and standard formulas. Vanessa Motley Coleman was appointed vice president and will monitor business activities with the global group at A-Frame, to bring the brand's vision to life. "Taking Kinlò to life is targeted My personal and career. I am very happy that my first business effort will be something meaningful to my community and I can't thank my team at A-Frame and GoDaddy more, "Naomi Osaka said to add.

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