Nasa Paused Cooperation With Spacex After The Lawsu Of Jeff Bezos Billionaire

On August 19, the US Aviation and Universe Agency (NASA) decided to suspend cooperation with SPACEX company after the US government lawsuit of Jeff Bezos 1.00 billionaire: 00/2: 26 South African speech NASA tablets said that the lawsuit of Jeff Bezos billionaire related to the Moon landing contract worth 2.9 billion USD was awarded to Spacex Space Space Company of Elon Musk.nasa billionaire to pause cooperation with SPACEX is related to this incident, Blue Origin Space Company of Jeff Bezos Billionaire said that their lawsuits were submitted to the US Federal Court last week, "an attempt to overcome errors in NASA's moon landing contract (Human Landing System-HLS) ". A US Judge assigned a hearing on October 14 to this lawsuit

. In a statement of his, NASA said they had suspended cooperation with SPACEX related to the moon landing contract Until the end of November 1 / 11. American aviation and universe agency said: "NASA officials are continuing to work with the Ministry of Justice to consider the details of the incident and desire to have a solution Time to this problem ". The agency assessing the US government's responsibilities (GAO) last month stood towards NASA on the decision to choose a single moon landing ship provider, rejected Blue Origin's opposition
Spacex this week has also had interference moves in the lawsuit to ensure that the court has a full and accurate picture of events and circumstances around this lawsuit, including harmful effects Mind that SPACEX will suffer if the court accepts the lawsuit offered by Blue Origin. SPACEX did not respond immediately to the comment request. In that time, Blue Origin, the Space Company was into L By the billionaire Jeff Bezos - the founder of Amazon e-commerce group said, they still believe that there are "problems" in NASA and Gao's decisions that cannot solve them due to their limited authoritability. Looking for suggestions for a spacecraft can carry astronauts on the surface of the moon according to the Artemis program to bring people back to the moon for the first time since 1972.Ving Aviation and Universe The US said on August 19 that they "dedicated to the Artemis program and attempted to maintain the nation's global global position in the field of space exploration. Along with his partners, we will go to the moon and stay in implementing scientific research, developing new technology and preparing for plans to bring astronauts to Mars ". Last 4, NASA gave SPACEX company of billionaire Elon Musk a contract to build a spaceship to bring people to the moon in 2024.Phan Van Hoa (according to Reuters)

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