Natalie Portman’s Carpentry Face

Minh Tinh Natalie Portman lives simple, regularly to face carpentry or light makeup when going out.0: 00/1: 31 male in August 17, Daily Mail reported Natalie Portman and the 10-year-old son returned to Los Angeles, USA after time in Australia. They were seen in walk but did not wear a 40-year-old mask without makeup, the face revealed a pale look due to no painting. In return, she was praised the slim shape and a young fashion style. Figure at the age of 40 of Minh Tinh Natalie Portman

. Photo: Backgrid.theo Daily Mail, star Black Swan is often casual, she often puts her face or a gentle makeup when he gets out. However, it is no time that Portman's natural looks is also highly appreciated
It is known that Portman recently withdrew from the Days of Abandonment project because "unforeseen personal reasons." Days of Abandonment Based on the novel of the same name of Elena Ferrante by Maggie Betts, directed by Maggie Betts is expected to turn around in August, the speech schedule has been canceled.Bo - the unit responsible for production - said in a statement: " Unfortunately, the film production will stop. We are sorry to announce this. We would like to apologize to sincerely and thank the cast, the filmmaker and the delegation staff ". Last time, Portman also had strange moves, such as erasing many posts from personal accounts. She and her husband and two children moved to Sydney, even informed that this family wanted to turn Australia into the second homeland. However, PORTMAN recently suddenly returned to America. The nearest project of Hollywood Tinh Tinh Tinh is Thor: Love and Thunder. The work starts from the beginning of the year and has closed the machine in June
In the movie, Portman continued to match the doubt of the actor Chris Hemsworth.

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