Nato Soldiers Exercise And Shooting In The Middle Of The Street Make People Horror

The exercise of NATO soldiers controversial when there is a shooting content but happened right in the crowded capital area of civilians. The Riga capital of Latvia suddenly turned into a "battlefield" last weekend , when soldiers equipped with heavy weapons conducting training and sparkling shooting, causing many people to be afraid of: 00/01: 13 This is part of NATO's exercise, but doesn't have any Signs or fences surroundly to warn people to stay away. In contrast, the exercise took place when the local people and transportation are still traveling on the street, wearing a gunfire in a row. The videos published on the Social Network on September 9 show , the soldiers stood behind the tree, lying on the crawling on the sidewalk, hiding behind the car and firing bullets in a row into a red paint building. The most horrible moment was when a gunman was standing The gun again saw the woman carrying a small child passing

. It was the woman who was also startled and the child cried when he heard a big gunfire. All videos revealed, showed that there was no marine warning or barrier to prevent people in the army to practice. Even when soldiers rehearsed, people are still walking on the sidewalk and even standing to watch and take pictures
Only one monitoring officer does not bring a gun to see moves with the soldiers equipped with heavy weapons. The incident has a strong criticism of the city of Riga. Many people said they should have been informed at least as at least via phone messages and areas of shooting exercises must be strapped without letting people come in. Then, Latvian army spoke up Sorry and say that they only use the bullets that do not load lead so they cannot cause casualties to civilians during exercise. "In such exercises, we only use bullets without loading leads so there is only noise , without hazard health and life-threatening to others. In the Riga exercise, the Lead-free Bullet was also used, but the situation was misunderstood and we apologized, "Latvian Ministry of Defense announced on September 13th of Riga city. Part of the content of Nanto's Namejs exercise in 2021. The event took place from August 30 to October 3 and held in many locations in Latvian territory with the participation of 9,300 soldiers from NATO member countries. During the process on September 11, the Latvian Ministry of Defense confirmed 3 injured soldiers and 2 people had to be hospitalized for treatment but the situation is stable.

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