Natural Materials Help Remove Dandruff And Nourish Effects

Want to eliminate dandruff and take care of your sisters 'pin' right the natural ingredients below.02: 00/1: 49 men to own a beautiful hair, clean dandruff is the first factor. However dirt, bad hair care habits make hair many women appear dandruff. If you have this situation, before using chemicals like shampoo, try these natural dandruff materials first and test effectively. Salt This is one of the most simple and easy-made dandruffs to do

. Salt is prepared to kill germs, remove mushrooms and bacteria on the scalp. You just need to use a small salt grip, rub it on your scalp and then wash it cleanly. Then you wash your head gently, the scalp will not have dandruff anymore
This is a way to do it quite easily and conveniently because most of the kitchens are always available in this raw material. Delicated dentist contains antioxidants that help scalps not dry, reduce dandruff. In addition, the Davices also releases the equalizing enzymes on the scalp, preventing dandruff. Only take 1 cup of aloe vera gel and grind small and then apply it all over the scalp. Then leave about 30 minutes and wash it clean. Implementing regularly 2 times a week of dandruff will "fly" all, hair is strong and not easy to fall. Lemon juice is also an easy material to find and treat dandruff effectively. Lemon juice contains many vitamin C, capable of eliminating slime on the scalp, effective dandruff treatment. First, mix 8 spoons of lemon juice with 1/2 cup of boiled water, then leave for about 30 minutes and then pour up the scalp, gently massage. Then you discharge and wash your hair with shampoo
Dandruff will decrease and hair will be stronger.4. Olive olive oil contains moisturizers and substances that are medium to treat dandruff, hair salon, which helps hair more and more beautiful. Just apply olive oil to the scalp before going to bed and massage gently so that oil penetrates into the scalp and overnight. The next morning shampooing with a shower and shampoo as usual. You will have clean dandruff hair and glossy. Learn Huyen - according to Sanook

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