Nearly 1 Year Old, Ha Ho Has Put Its Independent Twins But Must Go Online To Ask The Secrets For The Anorexia

Looking at my children with a skinny part, Ha Ho felt extremely worried. It was impossible to not mention the set of 3 children of Subeo, Lisa, Leon Ho Ngoc Ha. Like many other colleagues, female singers also set up accounts on social networks for children right from the beginning and receiving great attention from the audience. HERE, on social network accounts Ngoc Ha is for 3 children Subeo, Lisa and Leon have just posted the moment the youngest son playing in the crib. As always, the baby always smiles a fresh smile, causing anyone who looks into a happy, positive energy transmission

. But, Ho Ngoc Ha expresses a worry about Leon and Lisa babies in close time this. Accordingly, her couple is practicing for you to eat and drink, no parents put each spoon, so the two babies eat better than before. It seems that Ho Ngoc Ha feels very worried about Leon and Lisa Because I than when I first eat
Lon was so chubby that she didn't see any neck but now "neat" a bit. This made Ho Ngoc Ha feel extremely worried and asked the secret from the netizens. "The whole week they started themselting themselves, themselves should not be able to see Leon's neck! Yes Which mother has a secret to stiffen in self-feeding! ", Ho Ngoc Ha wrote.Ngay immediately, the sharing of Ho Ngoc Ha received huge attention from netizens . There must be a few mothers who fall into the same situation will also suggest the secret to the female singer. It is known that Lisa and Leon are only 10 months old. As shown by Ho Ngoc Ha, Leon has a physical development over Lisa sister. The two bhikks have teething and are in the stage of standing, practicing. And the singer chooses the secret to children to independ from the baby.

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