Nearly 200 Americans Die From Heat Waves

US officials said 116 people died in Oregon and 78 people died in Washington after extreme high temperatures in the area. The number of people died due to extreme heat waves in the North-Pacific coastal area of the United States Up to nearly 200, 116 people died in Oregon and 78 people died in Washington, according to medical officials. In that, data in Washington compared to the past is a difference in the sky. Only 7 people died related to the hot sun in this state during the mid-June to the end of August 2020. From 2015 to 2020, the state reported 39 people died in the last months of autumn and summer

. People Sleep at a center avoiding hot in Oregon. (Photo: Reuters) "The number of deaths leaps due to the hot sun is a tragedy and is what people cannot imagine in the Northwest Pacific region, where mainly has a mild climate," said Dr. Scott Lindquist, in charge of state medical, declared
"But the climate is changing, we see the evidence of that in extreme weather events, large floods, historical forest fires, and more.". At Oregon, many people died In the Multnomah particle area, there are people who do not have air conditioning or fans and are alone. The youngest victim was 37 years old, the oldest 97 years old. Oregon Kate Brown directed the agencies to review the emergency response to the hot sun, making regulations to protect workers from hot sunshine . In that time, the heat wave also attacked Canada, which was said to have caused about 500 people to die in British Columbia, broke out hundreds of forest fires. In the wave of heat, many places are up to 46 degrees and even Celsius Lice higher. The experts also said that more than 1 billion marine animals in Canada's Pacific coast died for extreme hot. UK (Source: The Guardian)

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