Nearly Golden Ceremony, The Bride On Her Face Demanded Hundreds Of Millions, The Groom’s Reaction Caused The Lover

Nobody expects the bride to face the last minute that makes the whole groom and the guests feel the people. November 29, a wedding took place in Shaanxi province, China caused a stir on social networks. The groom Han and the bride who have loved each other for many years, to the age of marriage, so the two-sided families have the idea for the children, so they are charming. Married, Han still agreed. By the wedding day, boyfriend was on time to bring the ceremony to pick up the bride

. However, when the car parked right in front of the groom's house, the new bride refused to get off the car, despite the concession and kneeling a leg to turn into Italy.How forever, I want to add 100,000 yuan Another new wedding. Han tried to save by bringing her 10,000 envelope, but she refused
Witness the scene, causing the family to lose his face, the groom's father was angry with a heart attack and fainted on the spot. To the country, Han couldn't help it anymore. He immediately closed the car door, told the driver: "Take the person back, I don't marry anymore," explained to the guests, I also returned home myself.

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