Need Time To Recover

After the information approves the policy of terminating the suspension of lottery activities, separating plots, changing land use purposes in Phu Quoc district is announced, the real estate market has yet to have a clear change. FAQ: 00/1: 14Nam Southern people are because this text has not created strong impulse to "break the ice" market, plus Covid-19 epidemics affecting the economy, especially tourism , so the market movement is still gloomy. The situation of a series of real estate trading floors must be closed on the main roads in Phu Quoc Island District to the recovery and development market will depend on many factors: Disease control, recovery of tourism services and major decisions affecting Phu Quoc from the government and the National Assembly ..

. Therefore, some investors believe that a long time need to market the real estate market National recovery. However, after 2 batches of land fever 2014-2015 and 2017 - 2018, Phu Quoc land prices increased high, if there was an upcoming land fever, it was difficult to increase the land price. This time, investors have no strong capital, totally borrowing, it is forced to sell dumping to recover capital, pay interest, but it is difficult to hold out
Some experts also warn customers Learn good information before getting down, because it is possible to buy the legal ground not clear because the price is cheap. The latter can not fulfill the legal procedure to legalize, synonymous with "lost money, soil will go" ... An Chi

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