Need To Blur The Boundary Between Life And Death?

The boundary - VTV1 documentary filtered on 9/9 which partly responded to the public 'thirst "of what actually happened in the headline against Covid-19. That's why it forms a bustling shared wave on a social network. However, some ideas said that the film infringed from the image of the patient's image of the patient.0: 00/3: 58 male medical staff is swallowing tears after not being able to save a pregnant .

.. scene in Movie boundary of director Ta Quynh Tu.Nay from category (documents) and topic (Covid-19), the boundary has easily interested in concern
From the beginning to now, there is no ordinary film about the pandemic. The images from F0 treatment hospitals are rarer. Select the film to select a contrasting topic between two live and dead poets. Each heavy Covid patient here is bearing the responsibility of bringing a new life to the world. Are women. The selected context is the Hung Vuong Hospital quite spacious, the equipment is generally complete. Of course VTV had to cocoon images and context to avoid shocking to the TV viewer. So it can also be guessed in realities in hospitals (other) more likely. Without just in hospitals .
. scenes that make many people haunting - screenshots lacking in the hospital "model" in movies mainly a team of medicine doctor and hospital beds. That's why they have to stretch ourselves forgetting the time. The film shows the description of the medical staff and a part of the hard time when they enlist the side of where it can. But the focus topic is still the boundary between live and death. The audience witnessed difficulty breathing to the level of consciousness of women. Seeing the final wish before opening the tracheal (very high death) of a pregnantce "I want to meet you" means you want to live, to witness your child ... if in the movie Western, the husband (connected by a doctor for a conversation is the last time) will say something similar to "I love you so much." In fact, Vietnamese husband said, inviting the audience to watch the movie. Another nail scene is when the lens recorded the suffering after 2 times the mask of relatives when only watching the last images of the drew via the doctor's phone screen. Although the shockingness is not more than that, some people have raised the film that did not blur the character when they were at the boundary between life and death. Everyone was accustomed to reporting news When the reporter cannot reach the person who is filmed to ask for permission, it is best to blur the face / eyes. Some special cases need to hide on the other hand when the character needs to be protected and do not want to expose the face. But this is a documentary and died boundary that is the key to the movie. And the scenes of people struggling with their own breath are more intuitive. Of course, a few scenes can make some people shocked but clear about the operation, the film has caught the movement moments to dedicate for the audience. There are ethical and professional regulations they are professional engraving people to solve and take responsibility. Like the picture records a humanitarian disaster for example, but why the character's face blur a character, how can I get a world press?! It is clear that filmmakers and characters (when accepting themselves or their relatives revealed) went ahead of some spectators about the courage. Ta Quynh Tu answered the press: "I It is also regretful because there are characters, stories, extremely valuable moments but until the recording minute is rejected for many reasons. There are things that bring high emotions with the extreme and I want to send, sure Make viewers feel stronger but I can't do it. "The gender still has scenes that don't really comply with the document reporting style, with an installation sign. For example, the hospital manager is more repeated in the meeting in the meeting with the surrounding employees. Some scenes show that the doctor is trying to explain what is happening (for fear The audience does not understand) also slow the film's rhythm. Because of these videos, the film was also marked with an interruption of the doctor's work. Well it can be acceptable in a strict circumstance as well as to meet the prayer that cannot interview additional characters outside working hours. Although there is still another solution that runs subtitles with additional information. The translation is a large and multi-dimensional reality to filmmakers as well as writer, photographers ... exploit. Maybe an independent film team will also bring movies more naked. But the problem is not eligible (including courage) to get into the hospital to harass doctors and patients at this time. Nguyen Manh Ha

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