Neighbors At Her Husband’s House Can Reveal ‘sidelines’ Amid The Violence Of Female Supermodel Supermodel

Neighbors said that the husband's family's family was quite closed. Through, the supreme supermodel event was about to beat to the beating to attract the attention of public opinion. Series of visual images of people full of people full of people, bruising faces to deformation and disclosure of liquid detention, threatening to make the public amazed. We have went to the house of the county husband's parents in the county Hoan Kiem (Hanoi). However, the gate of the female model of the female model is still closed, the inside of the house shows a concern when the incident is on the social network

. A man came out from the house just said: "Nothing To share, all kinds of nonsense ". Then continue to lock the door. The stacked husband was quite closed to the high gate of the wall, the inside of the house also limited external contact after the incident caused a lot of people to meet some neighbors in the house where the family Husband mosques living, everyone said the female supermodel never returned here
Her husband's family was also very well-sealed, the people around them only knew two people who were to ask and have children together, but they are no longer alive. "Page and H. H. (She's husband and H. , Having children together, but are separated for a long time. The two people are not here (the parents of her husband - PV). And we're beating, we don't know, "the man is with a lane with her husband's house Potentially sharing. The neighbor lives in a small alley but also does not know a lot of information about the female supermodel family.

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