Neighbors Contradict Because Of Herbal Treating Hair Loss

Hair loss not only affects the appearance but also the impact is not mild to the psychology of people with a disease 9: 00/2: 27Nain south of 20 Healthy live program is the discussion revolving around the Thao topic Hair growth for human hair losses, early early baldness with the advice of experts - doctors, pharmacists Truong Ngoc Huy and MC Thanh Phuong.Tham gias in the form of organic actors (boys) , Swiss ten (her sister's role) and Ngoc Lan (neighborhood shoulder). Sounding the nature is a warm situation when the boy took a job to find herbs after knowing his sister's sister with increasingly deep hair loss weight. It is worth mentioning, when this is also a matter of a crest to create unreasonable conflicts with her neighbors next to the house. The characters in the programmarine

. Photo: Screen capture after two sisters are happy to pick up herbal hard to find near the house to treat hair loss, then the neighbor now is angry to run into this brother's herbal herbal. It is the precious tree grass that she neighbors store sweating, boiling tears planted to wait for the harvest date. Being scolded, the two sisters claimed that the lady's neighbor was doing too problem, so I didn't talk about sorry
Time for a while, my sister accidentally discovered her neighbor. Hair loss like me, even worse. Lan spread her role in a neighbor. It was clear, the new sister decided to pay all of this medicine because she saw her neighbor with the same situation. Neighbors also calmed down and confided that the psychology was very tired when herself found ways to treat hair loss but inevotional to cure, so the number of herbs was to save his only wings. Thinking of the method of treating the disease for both, now the younger brother decided to find a specialist for advice.Hai sisters in the program. Request for the character in the situation, Dr. Truong Ngoc Huy said: "People with hair loss have many reasons such as hair dyeing, shampooing wrong ways, having a habit of breaking hair .
. However, most of the causes of hair loss come from within as d I transmitted, thyroid disease, lack of nutrients, stress, endocrine imbalance ". Specialists - doctors and pharmacists Truong Ngoc Huy. Photo: SaoSar Besides, Dr. Huy said, now many people use herbal shampoo to treat hair loss but in fact it only works to make pores and hair follicles. In fact, these products do not help improve their hair loss. "To treat and improve hair loss, need to keep psychology comfortably, avoid stress, restrict late. At the same time, supplementing full nutrition, especially substances containing omega - 3. In particular, the use of herbs containing polyaktiv, zinc, l-arginin, ... help prevent hair loss, stimulate hair growth black strong "- Dr. Huy added. See see Healthy live program to broadcast at 17:30, Sunday every week on HTV7.Phi Long channel

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