Nerve Cutting Nerves To Slender Legs – Dangerous Beauty Trends

Despite the warning of health affects, many girls still choose the form of risky surgery because of disillusion with long thin legs hon.0: 00/3: domain 23Nu NamCong aesthetic technology grows, demand for beauty and perfect ourselves also on the rise. There are not many people even in spite of the risk to beauty in strange ways, there are sectors of China di.Truyen recent months reported frantic about beauty movement called "blockers corn foot ", easier to understand the method to remove a nerve in the calf, causing muscle atrophy to the legs slender, beautiful compact as desired. This method is far sparked social cai

.Mang China so far has always attracted attraction from the image of the girl with slim legs straight tap.Va it is becoming one of standards of beauty. No little girls feet with poor self-esteem of minh
Nhieu slim aesthetic base hit this mentality that ads form part of beauty with horror with immediate effect in order to attract legal hang.Phuong beauty is headlining on platforms MXH made in China with a commitment to make legs slim immediately, legs straight and long, the girls will not have to worry about the leg muscles again ... some studies have shown, clipped leg nerves may have fewer side effects but that in case of success. But conversely, the surgery is not successful, the customer will have to face the risk of leg soreness, even lose the ability to transport difficult surgeries dong.Day is controlled by unknown number of nerves suitable for cutting as well as the mechanical calf very complex tap.Co who suffer neuropathic foot hurt when an accident but there are those who are healthy, despite the pain and risk to no.Du perform this method has not been approved by China, the country's experts also gave many warnings, but more and more women still choose "block calf". Kaola - A girl working for an Internet company in Shanghai said it has paid 30,000 yuan (about 107 million VND) to perform tricks for slimming legs
Whether that dangerous surgery, but this girl has done so despite the desire of beauty too lon.Kaola after 4 months "blocking calf," Her legs are still the same size, not slimming or straight and longer. Even she suffer from foot surgery which is more painful and more difficult to run truoc.Thong other news about a girl performing cut nerve calf slimming ever put on Good Doctor Online. Accordingly, after 2 months of surgery this girl can not walk as before, legs numb and can not tiptoe len.Doi females, calves to really what nobody wants, do feel sisters inferiority see especially when short skirts or pants covers tight. Calf to also make appearance becomes heavy, rather coarse. But do not be so dangerous that despite health to perform the surgery unsafe. Instead, you should spend per day 5-10 minutes with these simple exercises at home, just to help enhance health slimming safe and effective foot long dai.Ngoi calf raise with us- hands holding two dumbbells and sit on ghe- feet placed flat on the floor, holding a dumbbell placed on right thigh near the top position goi.- Eyes straight ahead, keep your back straight, legs wide vai- hold toe on the floor and raise your heels. Hold for 1 second and down, then keep repeating 3 innings, each half 20 lan.Bai set aimed calf, made quite simple, but the impact to a large calf, effective cao.Bai stretch the muscles Truthfulness facing inward wall, put the right foot forward against the wall, his left leg made sau.- hands placed on the wall, hands straight and wide by vai.- Slowly lower buttocks down and push your hands against the wall so that felt left calf and hamstring - a group of thigh muscles are strained back ra.- Then switch legs and repeat the second half of each half 3 times. with this exercise, you can perform at any time, free to shorten legs neat property, hunting chac.Nang true- calf Stand straight, puffed up, legs shoulder width step, shoulder revenues towards sau.- Place your hands on the waist, slowly raise your heels 2 and keep the posture in 1s.- then lower and repeat for 3 further half, each half 25 when performing dynamic lan.Sau work, when set correctly you will feel your calf swell and be firmer. This is fat burning exercise effective calf very tot.Bai episode 1 Sumo Squat- Two hand weights dumbbell or two on either side tay.- results Start posture than two feet wide, toes turned outward, looking forward, keep your back straight. Simultaneously shoulder roll back toward the chest while ngoai.- Bend both knees and lower yourself down to the hips close to dui.- intact horizontal posture for a few seconds and then stand up. Actually half repeat the 3 half, each half 20 lan.Bai set many sisters

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