Nestled Into The City’s Heart

They deserve to be called Ho Chi Minh City people, because they are because they are closer and are loved every day 0:00 to 4: 58 Young men finished 12th grade, I went to Ho Chi Minh City University. It was the first time I was alone away from home. Also did not expect that after the trip, it was nearly 6 years ago I stayed in this city. I remember the busy tour that year took me to the West bus station. It is said that the bus station is a typical place of crowded and complexity, which is not wrong

. I found myself lost and small in the middle of the sea. Stand nestled into a corner and rejected all the invitations from taxi to the motorbike, I started afraid. Suddenly since suddenly rang the voice of a middle-aged man, it seemed that he also ran in the bus
He looked for a long time in a small paper with my acquaintance address and pointed to the far side of the bus: "I put it on that car and went to support money, this is far away!". I was so happy to thank you and quickly ran towards the bus, just just in time when the car left Ben.Tp Ho Chi Minh for the first time with me everything was strange. Suddenly I wonder why the car doesn't choose how to pull me like someone else did? Why not, when the money earned after a car can help uncle cover a full meal? Perhaps you see the shadow of your uncle or a relative for a few dozen years before seeing me helpless at the bus station? Maybe someone helped uncle as I helped me? Maybe after I went, longer after my uncle could carry another guest, but I still chose to help me. Western car, where the author first set foot in Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: gia minhsau a few days a few days of acquaintances, I decided to find inns near schools to enjoy learning. I looked at the news about cheap accommodation and Ho Chi Minh City again favored me. I found a small room after school, got a companion for me to move to a new place and bought some necessary items. He and I was not a relative, didn't know much about each other. Maybe I was then my image for many years ago
He, or the motorbike at the bus stop, choose how to help me as a repay to Ho Chi Minh City. Let's go a few years I and he no longer contact. I am no strange strange like that, I still have many worries and I still haven't had a chance to repay you. But between the strange things that year, he was always a benefactor. As for Ho Chi Minh City, I often get many lucky things, nice, well treated well. I accepted as a tutor in a family of society. The third week I caught the bus to work, having the days to go home for more than 22 hours, and it was difficult to get used to. The hostess was more than once to lend me a motorbike to walk again, but I refused, because of her afraid. There were many days she asked me to stay in dinner. She always used to watch her like a family member, because she was also his mother's age and her children also called me her instead of calling her. Just small things but she made me always find myself uncommitted. Time drifting, the children grow and I don't have enough time to stick with her family. As a stop between Ho Chi Minh City, her feelings for me are sincere and warm. One day I was accepted at a English center with two sisters of Ho Chi Minh City. The joy mixed and worried when I was a timid, standing in front of a crowded class with me as a big challenge. When I was always afraid I lost my job because I was too young, but fortunately, I always encouraged me and instructed me little by little. I carefully recorded everything I learned here. More than a job, you watched me like a house, then after four years of sticking, the two sisters gave me a passion for teaching. I also gradually stiffen to becoming a teacher of a primary school, but it is no longer shy to stand in front of hundreds of students like four years ago. The day to leave the center, my heart was again shaking at the sincers that the two sisters sent. This went to work, I met and more many people. Not everyone was born and grew up here, but they were all in Ho Chi Minh City and grew up and the stomach was rather, chattering, always willing to help others without a little hesitation. They deserve to be called Ho Chi Minh City, because they are because they are closer and are loved every day, so that every person comes here, even if any circumstances are treated like a family member . Leaving when I want to leave, Ho Chi Minh City always holds it in this way or another as the way it has kept the motorbike, the British fellow countryman or as I stayed through that year. 15-7 will expire to send poetry and magazine articles to 24 hours today, on July 15, the poetry contest and pen "45 years of brilliant gold" will end up receiving the entrance exam. At the beginning of April 10, attracted a large number of readers and the organizers chose to post quality articles in the newspaper in Sunday and on the People

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