Netizen ‘bad Cries Laughs’ Before The Law Of Imprisonment If Posting Photos, Norwegian’s ‘virtual Live’

After the information on Norway's new law is given, all over the social networking sites and comments "badly cried 'by Netizen before the information on 0: 00/1: 32 domain Male to prevent photo editing too much to propagate / advertising false truths on social networks, Norway has recently passed new laws on editing "virtual live" photos on social networks. Through the Modified Marketing Act, advertisers or influential people are paid by advertisers, must annotate clearly in their posts on Instagram MXH if the photo / clip has been edited; If no executive may be fined even imprisonment. This new law will apply to post ads on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter and Snapchat.Na will have new sticker added to the posts that have changed the shape, click The ruler or skin color of someone in the image to mark this photo has been edited. Thus even the effects of lovers like lips, a slender waist, the more compact nose even draws "six nats"

... will also be this sticker
So Netizen will not see the photos "Thon waist", "ivory shape" like this on Norway's social network. (Artwork from the internet) or the perfect vline chin images like this will also be less appearance. (Artwork from the internet) After the information is launched, Netizen International constantly comment on the above information forums: "When the Norwegian progressive thinkers make our lives freshly know How much, haha "" So we don't see artificial beauties anymore and "" mental health is your accountability. If Instagram causes a problem for you, stay away from it! "Meanwhile, many Netizens in the country felt" breathed in relief "because where he lived without this law." Feeling lucky when I'm lucky Living in Vietnam "" True virtual not kidding "" From now on, it must eat healthier to have a standard physique "Shin Vu (General)

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