Netizens Contribute To Korea’s Most Top Female Band: Snsd Or Blackpink?

Who will be the winner with this title? In the Korean entertainment industry, some groups are called "legend" thanks to the huge coverage of members on TV shows, High public recognition, there are many hits or many contributions to the art. Music groups like BIGBANG, SNSD, BTS, EXO, Blackpink ... are regular names that are often mentioned, especially because the audience of all ages knows them

. New, a online forum Suddenly exploding the subject of discussion "Where is the legendary female group: SNSD or Blackpink". The person who started this topic explains: "No one can deny that BTS is a 'top of the top' music group. So now, choose a top female group
" How simple is the vote. Fast: press the "Like" button for Blackpink and the "Dislike" button for SNSD. The number of votes also caused many people to recognize the difference: 221 people chose Blackpink as Korea's "legendary female group", while 936 people chose SNSD. Vote quantity for 2 groups with gaps. Before this election, netizens argue: - Of course SNSD? - Devoted don't have a female group to overcome SNSD.- Not a fan but I choose Blackpink.- Truth : Without SNSD, there is no Blackpink with Twice.- SNSD operations for 15 years but now it is still referred to continuously. Looking, it is still a member of a member who is still understood. The second generation is SNSD and 2NE1 (Wonder Girls), the 3th generation is Blackpink and Twice
Other generations, don't understand why it is comparing. - If you look at the foreign market, Blackpink is the wall. - Of course Blackpink.

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