The ghosts are very big, five boys who reject their moms by lining up in the ground so that everyone took the coffin to go through. Being with Zona eating both chest, sewing on the occasion of his son nest and inaugurated from the road. He gave them a fifty million to build. Right to cut the inauguration tape! Than lake with me: - Mom achieved me! The son's son is on: - The disease of her will ask the chewing people to grasp green with sticky rice that spray is from, what's worth it Where to worry! Ms. Straw tears in her eyes: Mother asked her other grandfather to spray three times and not help, now it spreads to the armpit

. Night lying it bites to blink inside without sleeping. The son continued to continue: - Old is less sleeping, I am now 2-3 hours of sleep here. Million: This she took the rice, eating and taking it off, took it away
She fumbled out, leaping her hand on her shore, whispering: - I go strong! Two weeks after her illness has scorling the skin but anyone who has a new Zona, dry wounds but in the flesh still bitten But blinking every night. A morning she was stunned and fell, the children carrying her onto the bed she didn't know anything else. It's believed, she came to visit her, picked up the phone with her daughter in Da Lat: A lot! Aunt, she was very sick, she was arranged. - Oh, sister? But e whom are you going to send? She choked her voice without saying any sentence, she was sitting soup soup sister grabbed the machine screamed: -My eyebrow is about to die.! There is still there that hugging the chicken pig, you don't go back, my mother dies not to see the face of me! Then she cries because of the gentle bride injury, the old brother, the old brother is clumsy to not know how to play his wife That day she slept again. Sometimes she stopped on her chest to see if she was breathing. The heartbeat smashed lightly. More than the next afternoon, the son, daughter, daughter-in-law of the instrument in full. Three days after the room, strengthened as if to sleep, didn't go to hijacking anything. The gambling ghosts are very big, five boys who respond to the mother by lying in the ground so that everyone to carry the coffin Through
I cried my coally, she quietly went to the car silently recognized the Buddha's Buddha Mong Linh, she was soon super escaped.

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