10 Chinese Women’s Beauty Tips

Chinese people, especially women, are known for their beauty and youthful appearance. Almost impossible to know the age of a Chinese woman if only looks at their appearance.0: 00/3: South of the South China culture not only focuses on the beauty of the outside form that they believe in Cham Overall health care is equally important. Here are 10 top beauty tips that Chinese women apply to look much younger than real age. Chinese people respect white skin1

. Drinking lots of water is essential for overall health, Chinese women are aware of it clearly. When asked the only thing they needed to survive, mostly said it was water. In public locations in China, there are water coolers and water filters
Spending a little time in the sun, although tan skin looks attractive, it's not good for health. Previously, Chinese people considered white as the characteristics of high social status. Currently, Chinese women consider sunscreen as 'guards' in preventing early skin aging. Tea replaces many other drinks Chinese women try to drink as much as possible, including tea. Some types of tea that experts recommend is jasmine tea, red tea with Goji, O Long and other types.4. Establishing a habit of existing emotional expressions to prevent wrinkles for Chinese women, setting up the day's habits are very important. They are especially very careful when it comes to his eating or sleeping time. They also try to take a nap after lunch even at work. Chinese girls often go to the library to take advantage of nap
5. Avoid desserts with a high quality calorie content other than Western cuisine. People often end up meals with desserts, Chinese people eat individual dessert or middle meals. Seaweed is an important part of the sea diet absorbs a lot of salt and speeds up metabolism, which is why Chinese women like to eat it. Seaweed also contains fiber that brings a longer feeling, is a great choice for those who want to lose weight. Seaweed is also very rich in chlorophyll and vitamins that help skin be young and healthy. Protein in seaweed also helps slow down the aging process.7. Keeping a calmness that does not show emotion through the face is another factor contributing to the youthful look of Chinese women. That way, they minimize the appearance of wrinkles, while learning how to control and restrain their emotions, which is also good for their mental health.8. Using certain makeup products The makeup products are made from natural ingredients for skin care products, Chinese women always choose products only made from natural ingredients. Some components include natural oil, pearl powder, ginseng, herbs and seaweed extracts. These components will definitely help your skin become smooth and fresh without harmful to health.9. Foot reflexology ladies China care about their overall health, not only appearance. Foot reflexology is a common practice in China. They often massage the beauty points of women. These points are inside the bottom of the legs, the highest point of the 4-finger-range ankle .10. Daily massage with jade roller jade roller helps improve blood flow on the face. Previously, Chinese women use two different utensils. A roller is used to massage acupuncture and another roller, used to release the stress of facial muscles.

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