10 Common Mistakes Suffer When Using Underwear

Select the wrong size, washing with detergents inappropriately potentially the risk of infection for skin of women.0: 00/3: 26 namsai domain size: too wide underwear causing the wearer feel uncomfortable. Meanwhile, tight underwear can lead to itching, cracked skin. Wearing her body tight panties that cause moisture and sweat cannot escape, causing yeast infections. Best, you should use the correct body measurement when choosing to buy underwear

. Photo: PLC. Lin with cotton fabric is not the priority choice of charming girls but it has many good points. American doctor - Donnica Moore - told The Huffington Post: "Silk and synthetic fabric are not airy, increasing the risk of moisture retained causing infections or bacteria
Women should choose panties with a bottom Cotton fabric, limited wearing lingerie when going to bed ". Photo: Syl.Morting underwear when practicing: Dr. Justin Shelton told Women's Health to wear false underwear when exercising caused unpleasant feelings and affects health. He explained: "Wearing underwear is too tight or made of sweat-free material that can lead to infections. Bacteries reproduce in dark and humid environments. So you need to care about choosing underwear Suitable every time workout ". Photo: Urban Planet. Don't change underwear after exercise: According to gynecologist Jen Gunter, if after practicing you do not replace underwear, itching and uncomfortable condition will increase. "Wearing hugging lingerie and moisture makes the sealed area caused by yeast," she told Glamor
Because of usually wet and friction with the body, replacing clean lining clothes, dry after practicing helps you limit uncomfortable conditions. Photo: Reddit.cho underwear on the dryer: Jenny Altman underwear expert told Women's Health thermal decomposition of fabrics, synonymous with elasticity in sagging underwear. Instead, use the outdoor drying price and to dry naturally in the sun to eradicate bacteria. Photo: Better Homes and Gardens.In with inappropriate detergents: Dr. Donnica Moore shared with Huffington Post: "The important cause of dermatitis is due to washing powder you use. The foam of detergent can stand Back in the type of lace panties makes the contact with allergies happening. " Donnica Moore recommends that women should choose low-allergen cleaners or use non-variety of aromatherapy to wash underwear. Photo: The list. Lace, texture: Even when finding a lingerie fit with your physique, it may not be suitable for every outfit you wear. Mariana Hernandez underwear expert tells e! News Simple mistakes such as wearing late waistband or material from fabric with lace pattern, color and bold motifs can be exposed after the pants. Photo: Stylecaster. Too thin pants do not protect women's closed areas. Mia Tucker Williams stylist reveals to Women's Health there are many ways to prevent it from happening. The simple solution she given is to choose underwear made of thicker fabrics. "Thick fabrics will be less displaced into unwanted places, helping you to keep a smooth and sliced appearance," she said. Photo: Glamor. Regular shaping clothes: The spanx gives you a beautiful curve but they are more harmful than beneficial if it wears too often. Dr. Keri Peterson told Women's Health: "When wearing shaped clothes is too tight and frequent, compressive force will be divided into many diseases." If you love this product, you should choose the right material and size to beautify. Photo: CodedFilm. Do not change the underwear regularly to the big mistake that many people have. Dermatologist Melissa Piliang told Health: "The fabric is no longer elasticity will cause rubbing and moving around. The types of panties have that signs that are time to throw out and buy some new one", she to speak. Photo: GQ, Listal. Puzzle 10 suits with a tight-fitting skirt with tight designs, two-wire designs easily coordinate with T-shirts or jeans.

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