10 Days, 40,000 Enterprises Registering Electronic Invoices

Since the announcement of electronic invoices (November 21), the tax sector has received registration of about 40,000 enterprises, currently about 81,000 electronic invoices have been established. This is the data to be announced by the General Department of Taxation at the 'Benefit of Electronic Invoice', due to the Vietnamese Financial Times in collaboration with the relevant units in the afternoon of 1 / 12. Dong Luu Duc Huy - The Director of the Policy Department, the General Department of Taxation said that with 10 days to activate the electronic invoice system, the above results showed very positive, although there are some problems in the first stage of transmission and prizes French software, however, both tax authorities and organizations that provide solutions and organizations have regularly upgraded applications and answers to regularly inquiry to enterprises to ensure e-billing Going to the tax authority to grant the code to take place quickly. Up to now, the General Department of Taxation has published public information of 40 organizations that provide electronic invoicing solutions to the electronic portal of the General Department. Representative of the business community, Mr

. Dau Anh Tuan - Head of the Board Legislation - Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry affirmed that this is an important policy for the tax industry as well as the business community. Also according to Mr. Tuan, before, many businesses worried about the route to deploy too short but last time there was a good preparation
ELECTRONICS, especially with serious private businesses, the most visible benefits are to avoid fraud, buy and sell invoices, avoid the use of illegal invoices, help save money Relevant issuance fees as well as related work such as tax refunds. With retail companies or small transaction organizations, the invoice application is very convenient for governance, cost savings and help Better business operations. In general, electronic invoices create important movements in many different areas. Mr. Tuan expressed hope that other agencies also accompany this trend to apply a favorable electronic invoice, avoiding the actual malfunction. With the role of both businesses and a prize provider France, Mr. Phung Huy Tam - Director of NacenComm Card Technology Joint Stock Company - said, seeing NacenComm himself also paid attention to electronic invoices right from the early period, so many benefits were seen. Obviously the benefits of electronic invoices are to help businesses make no distance ..
thereby helping businesses have a cost advantage. Another point is to change the customer's experience and peace of taxpayers. "From the experience of our business, there are times, such as the situation of buying real goods but is sometime then invoices and vouchers are invalid, so with electronic invoices, taxpayers are very secure. This is very important. However, the core is a business that is involved in real-time digeses. As a result, the enterprise has information about the health of other businesses, especially the enterprise expects also real-time capital. In addition, there are customers' experience on positive and negative to Decrease negative. With the tax authorities, micro and macro management is also real-time, ie executive and forecast to support good taxpayers. And finally the advantage of the whole society is economic benefits, "Mr. Tuan analyzed.

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