10 Harmfulness Your Skin Still Does Daily Without Knowing

Bright Side has studied the 10 most popular daily routines that are harming the skin. You will find that it is not difficult to avoid these habits and have better skin than instance.02 / 4: 03 nam1. In order for hair products to contact with hair products, including shampoo, conditioner and other hair styles, usually contain sulfate, can clog pores, cause acne and other irritation caused Harming scalp and facial skin. To prevent this, you should consider switching to products for non-sulfate hair

. Moreover, to better protect, you should use sweating tape on the forehead and cover clean towels when using hair products.2. Using too many skin care products The transition between some skin care products can be a challenge for the skin
It is because the preservatives and new components can contribute to acne and exacerbate the condition of the skin. Including acne-skin care products can also negatively affect the skin if excessive abuse. Because of different skin care products, try sticking with 1 or 2 types And give them time to create beneficial effects for skin.3. Using the product of the face in the correct face in the wrong way of improper facial facials with products that cause pores will cause your face to the pimples. To prevent extra irritation on the skin, avoid the products with the most common clogging components (such as coconut oil, palm oil and wheat sprouts). Use non-toxic cosmetics, and try to find no acne labels. Traveling When you travel to somewhere, the skin comes in contact with a new environment that can be harmful. Factors such as the impact of sunshine, hot, cold and humidity can contribute to the skin that becomes suddenly suddenly, causing acne to rise. To prevent any negative impact Due to the change in the environment, you only have a way to adapt to new conditions
Avoid skin exposure and use sunscreen, preferably with zinc oxide. And if you are exposed to cold temperatures, try to avoid losing skin by moisturizing skin.5. Toxins in the water removal of other common cosmetics can cause pores and pimples as malicious ingredients in your Makeup remover. Although the makeup products themselves have problems, but the habit of removing makeup also contributes to skin irritation. Select the product without irritation of acne, and should wash the face clean after removing the brand to remove the brand Fruit makeup, oil and dirt after a long day.6. Eat prepared food with carbohydrate-rich foods, such as cakes or burgers, can cause acne. Due to the high blood sugar index, carbohydrate-rich foods can cause skin irritation because it directly affects blood sugar. Cutting light snacks and focusing more on protein-rich foods with many healthy substances More, and of course eat more fruits and vegetables.7. Lying your stomach when your sleep absorbs everything from sweat, oil, even water. When you lie on your stomach, your face is squeezed into all the material on the pillow, thereby causing acne and hole of the pores.8. Rubbing the face too much with a towel with a towel with a towel too much, you will make your skin exposed to the exfoliating process, negative impact on your skin. Limit to scrub against your face with a towel as well as unnecessary exfoliation.9. Washing water with too hot water or too cold when it comes to your skin health, the temperature of water is a key factor. Cold water does not effectively eliminate all unnecessary accumulators on the skin while hot water causes irritation and drying skin. The best water temperature for effective skin cleaning will be warm about 36.5 degrees C, just enough to eliminate the accumulation on the skin while still retaining the healthy natural oil of Da.10. Do not wash your face in the morning, dirt and bacteria accumulation are the result of a long night. And while we sleep at night, the skin also undergoes a repair process, causing the skin of oil and toxins. That accumulation, if not washed properly in the morning, can make the face Our aging is serious, directly contributing to many wrinkles and interferes with skin care products, such as sunscreen. Wash your face in the morning to be able to clean pores and start the new day with more fresh skin.

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