10 Minutes Exercise To Dissolve Excess Fat, Get A Slim Shape With Only 1 Bottle Of Water

The exercises with water bottle does not take much space and time, but have a strong impact on all the muscles of ban.0: 00/0: 32Nu exercises NamThuc domain not only help you lose weight, get in shape, but also helps blood circulation, good for overall health the.00: 00/11: 121. Exercise 1 - Run dongDung straight on the left leg, right leg slightly bent (feet do not touch the floor). Each hand holding a bottle of water, lifting arm up to two horizontal water bottle two ben

.Hoi leaned forward, extend right leg and both hands on the back. Performed 12 times each leg. Note: remember to keep your back straight when performing exercises nay
2. Exercise 2 - Squeezing the bottle nuocDat a bottle between her legs, just below your crotch. Place two feet as close together as possible. Use squeeze bottles thigh in order to continue pressing chai.Siet nuoc.Tiep tight abdominal muscles, gently put back from posture to posture straight round and back, pull your pelvis toward truoc.Tiep under, put the bottle in the middle of the crotch pants and knees and thighs squeezed bottle use. Then place the bottle between your knees and squeeze. Perform this exercise for 5 minutes at every level. Note: While performing this exercise, without adding unnecessary intensity
Perform exercises slowly and slowly rai.3. Exercise 3 - Breaking cuiBat with standing, elbows slightly bent, hands holding water bottle over his right shoulder. Take a giant step forward with the left foot. Fold both knees and lowered into a crouching position xuong.Dong time, lowering the horizontal bottle passersby outside the left foot. Return to the starting position and bring higher bottle right shoulder. Repeat this movement 12 times on each side. Note: Do not set quickly. When set to hold back thang.4. Exercise 4 - Improving people aside to expand chanNgoi posture chair with your back straight posture. Each hand holding a bottle of water, to sweep two rather follow nguoi.Dong time, lifting the bottle up to below the shoulder, left leg extended forward, lift your leg off the chair. Lower bottle sideways, bend your left knee, thigh still does not touch the seat. Perform 10 times on each side. Note: Try to keep a straight knee for 3 seconds before expanding chan.5. Exercise 5 - Mechanical bungNgoi on the floor, holding a water bottle with both hands. Put yourself back and lift your feet off the transfer san.Bat bottle from side to side of the body. Perform this exercise for 1 minute. Note: Keep calves parallel to the ground and make sure you create the "V" between the waist and thighs.

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