10 Most Beautiful French Models Ever Produced

French automakers are largely unknown to manufacturing reliable cars. However, they are always at the forefront of creating some creative and beautiful samples. Somehow, all French cars have a common point that all is always interesting. Sometimes they are interesting because of strange technical errors and confusing errors that even the most experienced mechanics must be boring. However, most French cars bring interesting by solutions Appropriate techniques with good looks

. Besides, they have affordable prices in the market. 10 cars below are evidence that the French can create some of the most beautiful cars in the world.10
Bugatti Type 57 Atlantic For most older enthusiasts, this incredible car will always be their top choice. It is even more prominent than international brands.Bugatti Type 57 Atlantic is definitely a classic masterpiece and inspiration for generations. However, today, people who love the car styling like this are no longer available.9. Citroën C6 objectively, C6 has a modern overall design, smart design. The car is not outdated and still popular in the future. However, C6 still exists a few certain limitations. It is equipped with the previous bridge drive, only a few points of reliable and limited performance. However, for luxury cars, there are very few beautiful cars and customers can still be ready to buy it, including the weaknesses of vehicles
8. Delahaye Type 165 In the first time, Type 165 is one of the most unique appearances everyone has seen. What makes it a different difference is that the automaker is only limited to 5 pcs. In the number of 5 cars mentioned above, one is never produced and the two have been destroyed during World War II. Is the cause of them to become "rare" and have equivalent value.7. Citroën Dslip Ds is a new experience with different controls. Once acquainted, the driver is hovering on the clouds thanks to the advanced pneumatic suspension.CiTroën DS is a revolutionary car and is relatively affordable when launching the market. It is equipped with disc brakes, seat belts and fuel-efficient engines. In a short time, this is the most beautiful and most beautiful car in the market.6. Alpine A310 maybe this is a car that makes the famous American car engineer John Deorean believes that the V6 PVR engine can operate in a sports car and apply it on its products. However Alpine A310 still occupies a few advantages compared to the A310 Delorean DMC-12. The A310 head is also designed to use 1.6L engine, so it is a lightweight sports car and then the power tonic Sung's V6 engine only made the French brand become a real hot rod.5. Peugeot 504 CabrioleteGeugeot 504 is famous for being one of the most comfortable cars at affordable prices. This makes the sedan become a popular choice to make a taxi in most Europe. In particular, the car's convertible variant is always more prominent than ever. Peugeot 504 Cabriolet is absolutely gorgeous and comes with the infamous PVR V6 engine that creates a respectable strength.4. Bugatti Type 35BThis car should be used for racers in the 20s and 30 centuries ago. It is the most suitable product on the track between a series of other bugatti which is highly appreciated for luxury and strength. Type 35B can be away from 0-96 km / h in 7 seconds, becoming the fastest model at that time.3. Simca 1200S Coupe Simca trusted an engineer from Italy to make their sports car. Although this brand may have disappeared for a long time, but by asking Bertone to design 1200s coupe, they have guaranteed a position in the history of cars. Other cars that Simca produced is mostly forgetting, However, this beautiful small coupe uses upgrade engines to provide admirable performance. Citroën SMSM is developed based on the foundation of Citroën DS brothers. However, it brings healthy strength, advanced technology and is rated seems more beautiful than DS.ngay today, the latest version of SM still updates the pre-timed era sites The normal brake pedal has been replaced by Bi Citroën and uses Maserati V6 engine through the front-drive drive system.1. Alpine A110A110 is said to be one of the most beautiful sports cars of all time. It inherits the engine from Renault and has a designed engine designed behind many other European automobile manufacturers earlier. The maximum efficiency of 140 horsepower seems to be a modest number, but the body Made of light fiberglass and hard frames have helped it make the most of the power, pushing sports cars reaching a maximum speed of 209 km / h.an TranTheo Hotcars

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