10 Signs That Your Body Is Lacking Vitamins And Essential Nutrients

Any changes to appear outside the body may also be a sign of issues that are going on inside.Da flakes: If you see your scalp peeled and falling like dandruff when you Scratching his head, it could be a sign that you are not eating enough fatty fatty acids. The beneficial fatty acids such as Omega-3 have a role as a lubricant in the body, which lacks it, the oil skin you will be dry. Thin and brittle hormies: B like Biotin and Folate have extreme roles It is important to have strong hair. Lack of folate can cause hair thinner and easily broken

. You can supplement folate by eating foods like bread, cereals, spinach or asparagus. Silver: If your hair suddenly turns silver, it may be because your body lacks copper. Copper plays an important role in producing melanin, a color deciding the color of the hair
If your hair is silver too fast or too early compared to the age, try checking the copper content in the body. Mouth, mouth ulcers: when your body lacks vitamin B12, you will see in the mouth appearing sores or heat. You can supplement vitamin B12 by eating poultry, lean red meat and eggs. Acne in your arm: If your arm becomes lumpy, skin care measures do not help improve the situation, It may be a sign that your body lacks zinc and vitamin A. These two nutrients have an essential role in maintaining healthy skin and healing open wounds. To supplement zinc, you can eat poultry meat and my baby; Also to supplement vitamin A, eat sweet potatoes and pumpkin. Hands with stripes: When the amount of stomach acid is deficient, the stomach will not be able to digest food and absorb nutrients effectively. A symptom of this situation is the appearance of white stripes on the nail. To increase the amount of stomach acid, you can drink diluted apple vinegar with water or take enzymes to digest pellets. Fatigue: If you always feel tired even if you have enough sleep, it can be a warning warning sign Low amount of vitamin D
You can supplement vitamin D into diet by adding sterilized milk products (such as fresh milk and sterilized yogurt), almond milk or soy milk, some types of fish (like salmon) , or mushrooms are grown in the sunshine. Purple purple on the legs: If you only collide somewhere, your feet have formed a big and bold bruise, consider the supplement of vitamin C. Vitamin C helps Production of collagen, this substance is involved in the formation of blood vessels. Frequently bruised can be a sign that your capillaries are very weak and fragile. Put calm: magnesium and calcium are electrolytes that play an important role in muscle contraction motion. Lack of these substances can lead to regular muscle cramps. You can add magnesium by eating my baby, banana or avocado and calcium supplement by drinking plant milk instead of cow's milk. Fertilizing: There are countless causes that make you just go outside 3 times / week . Lack of fiber and magnesium can be one of those causes. Besides the addition of magnesium-rich foods, you can use Magnesium Citrat oral tablet form; and supplement fiber by eating a lot of fruits and green vegetables./.ctv Ngoc Diep / vov.vn (translation) TheHealthy

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