10 Super Million Usds Cause Shocking But Not Yet Produced

Many people believe that this is only a game to attract investment in: 00/5: 46 Basic regions, making a high-performance supercar cost a lot of time and effort. Typically, Bugatti Chiron, this model consumes billions of dollars of Volkswagen Group in designing, manufacturing, as well as cooperating with Michelin to make separately for Chiron Super Sport 300 sets of tire reinforced with enough carbon fiber All to operate at speeds of up to 483 km / h. However, in recent years, many car startups are less names that have expressed their intention to compete with the brand super car, although only a little in That number has become a reality, typically Rimac Nevera. This raises this question is actually only the products located on the paper for the purpose of making money from the giants.Devel Sixteen appears at the 2013 Dubai Motor Show, the Devel Sixteen model shocked when the owner It must spend the amount of up to $ 2

.2 million to be able to own. This model promises to produce a capacity of up to 5,000 horsepower from a 16-cylinder engine block and maximum speed of up to 560 km / H. However, after nearly 10 years, Devel Sixteen has not yet launched commercial products
MEAN Metal Motors Azan or whether India is certainly not a famous country in the field of supercar production, Mean Metal Motors wants to change that. The pure electric Azani car model is capable of producing a capacity of 1,000 horsepower and torque reaching 1,000 nm, which helps this model capable of accelerating 0-100 km / h in 2.1 seconds and reached The maximum speed is up to 354 km / h.The with it is a 120 kWh battery system for theoretical operating range of 523 km. However, the company's website only appears the "investment" button, showing that this project is still only on paper and is the method of "view" for other technologies of the company.alieno arcanummang Pretty similar to a Lamborghini Huracan Mansory, Alieno Arcanum model made from Bulgaria impressed with the body of the car to do entirely from carbon fiber, capable of producing promising capacity of 2,574 - 5,150 horsepower Into the version, comes with a maximum speed of up to 488 km / h. The Bulgarian car announces the selling price of Alieno Arcanum up to 1.76 million USD, the production process will begin in January 2021. In fact, the land is announced by the car company, which is still a place where the factory is currently only the wildland.hyperion XP-1HYPERION XP-1 is a supercar model originating from the US, using hydrogen fuel cells instead of choosing 2 more common options are engines and electric motors
The US automaker said this model uses a four-wheel drive, capable of accelerating 0-100 km / h in 2.2 seconds and reaching a maximum speed of up to 356 km / h. Mark XP-1 Has been caught in the testing process in the US, now this model has not yet been included in mass production. Expected, Hyperion XP-1 has a range of operations up to 1,635 km.Dendrobium D-1Dendrobium D-1 is considered as a potential supercar project from Vanda Electrics (Singapore). This model is expected to be designed by Peter Stevens, accompanied the ability to produce a capacity of up to 1,800 horsepower from Pure Power Transmission System by Williams Advanced Engineering. However, the company's website is being The other party sold for $ 100,000. This supercar model also disappears completely disappearing from the gentle sight in the past 24 months. Alektron Quasar / Truvaelektron Quasar / Truva is two pure electric supercars launched this year by a car company based in Virtue. The first is a quasar model with 4 electric motors, capable of producing 2,300 horsepower. Designed to compete with Lotus Evija, with the ability to accelerate 0-100 km / h in 1.65 seconds and maximum speeds of up to 450 km / h.elektron Motors said Quasar will be released in 2023 With the number of limited production is 99 units, while the Truva model has a lower performance with 1,400 horsepower and selling price up to 679,000 USD.Morand cars "Super C8 Corvette" is a US noun to be gender Give the supercar sample from Switzerland. This model is equipped with a hybrid system with the ability to produce capacity up to 1,100 horsepower. Combined with V10 engine block, 5.2L capacity, bringing a total capacity of up to 1,950 horsepower. This model is produced limited to only 73 units globally with selling prices up to 1.9 million USD. Compared to other supercar samples in the list, Morand Cars has the ability to become more realistic when there is the support of former CEO of the McLaren F1 racing team, Eric Bullier.Farnova Othellom Pure electric cars from China Surprise with the giants when owning a maximum capacity of up to 1,800 horsepower, but the selling price only is only 290,000 USD. Using the chassis with the Qiantu K50 model, the fact that Farnova Othello is likely to become a good reality Not still a big question mark.Vazirani Ekonks this car is dubbed the world's lightest supercar with the mass of only 738 kg, accompanied by air-cooled batteries instead of liquids that makes the grave Non-doubtful tunes. Many people think that this is merely just his friends

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