10 This Supercar Is Produced?

Here are 10 candidates for listing your car, some already launched, some are new and even new sketches. Let's see what the car will be appearing on the streets? 1. Devel SixteenLa one vaporware original supercar, the Devel Sixteen cost $ 2.2 million (equivalent to 48.4 billion) first appeared at the Dubai Motor Show 2013 exhibition promises 16-cylinder engine of capacity of 5000 kW and a maximum speed of 560 km / h

. In those years, the project was connected to the name of the cult as Paulo Garrella, who spent many years at Pininfarina and recently created the SCG-003 with Jim Glickenhaus and supercar Aspark Owl electric . However, the company has not yet delivered the car, let alone prove its maximum speed, but unlike other startups, at least they have their vehicle tested. Devel Instagram account showed first prototype this summer with the status line "Please note track", but since then has little work dong
2. Mean Metal Motors AzaniNhac to supercars, the Indians are not the first country to appear in people's minds but Mean Metal Motors wants to change that. The electric Azani is said to have a capacity of 1,000 horsepower and 1000 Nm of torque, allowing it to reach speeds of 96 km / h in 2.1 seconds before reaching a maximum speed of 354 km / h with battery 120 kWh is 523 km ride to help with one charge. A large buttons calling clients access investment site shows Azani will not appear on the road in a short time. Our prediction supercar merely shop for solutions that produce low volume and modular construction philosophy is supported by AI of ty.3. Alieno ArcanumTrong like a Lamborghini Huracan Mansory inspired the Vector W8 units, the Arcanum Alieno Friendly mecca carbon supercar from Bulgaria. Equipped with 6 motors on each wheel hub to help the car gain speed 488 km / h and capacity achieved from 2574 to 5150 horsepower horsepower depending on the version. The Arcanum worth 1
76 million (equivalent to 38.72 billion) is expected to be put into production in May 1/2021, but we still have not seen anything other than the car renders wear whether the company's web site shows pictures of the parts used to make parts of carbon and 1 wasteland which the company claims to be developed into a may.4. Hyperion XP-1Nhung last supercar will also be electrochemical but not everyone believes that battery power is the future going forward. The XP-1's Hyperion is headquartered in the US use hydrogen fuel cell technology to make cars like this Bugatti reaching speeds of 100 km / h in 2.2 seconds before reaching a maximum speed of 356 km / h. Although the XP-1 4WD was seen being tested in the US, but we still do not know much about the capacity or power of the engine configuration. But we know that it will have 1,635 km.5 scope. Dendrobium D-1Nhung news of the Dendrobium in recent years is not much, this is really a pity because this project really promising. Up ideas by Vanda Electrics Singapore, supercar looks crazy, design racing 1 seat is done by Peter Stevens of McLaren F1 fame and drivetrain power 1,800 horsepower is developed by Williams Advanced Engineering. We contacted Dendrobium but did not receive a response despite the fact that the site redirects to a page that provides the URL for $ 100,000 to see the production process expected to take place in Anh.6. Elektron Truva and QuasarHau all the supercar startup are satisfied with a single model that the company is expected to be market determined. But Germany has launched Elektron 2 supercars in one year. When we say that is launching eye image rendering and a few indicators. The first is the electric vehicle motors Quasar 4 2,300 horsepower capacity is designed to confront the Lotus Evija is expected to reach speeds of 100 km / h in 1.65 seconds and a maximum speed of 450 km / h . Elektron Motors said the Quasar will be launched in 2023 with only 99 units produced. 5 months later, the 1,400 horsepower Truva will be launched at a price of 679,000 USD (approximately 15.5 billion) .7. Mondand CarsDen from Switzerland, supercar is not the name of Morand Cars can pass the C8 Corvette but while the C8 is a sports car ICE tradition that you can own is the Morand are hybrids of 1,100 horsepower you can not have unless you join in 1923. If Bitcoin is produced it will cost US $ 1.9 million (equivalent to 41.8 million) and will only be 73 units. But with prestigious names such as former chief Eric Boullier F1 McLaren race car, it will participate in the prestigious than some other car company in the list nay.8. Farnova OthelloMot electric supercar 1,800 horsepower will cost about $ 2 million (approximately 44 billion) but Farnova Automotive Manufacturers

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