10 Tips With Healthy Glossy Hair Of Korean Stars

Hair care with lotion, mask and use of sunscreen spray is favored by Korean artists. High heat from hair dryers and styling tools is one of the causes of brittle hair, falling. On the other hand, cool air to dry hair quickly but also keep the shadow and moist for the hair. Photo: kyo1122.daily vanity said Kim Chi is Jessica Jung's favorite dish

. Kim Chi contains many rich nutrients and minerals that enhance the immune system for the body. In addition, selenium from garlic in this dish also helps hair and skin healthy. Photo: Jessica
syj. You need to be protected under the sun because it causes hair to break, dry and look dull. Tiffany shares her to protect hair with creams and sunscreen for hair. This habit helps the female singer's hair look "more vitality" and don't fade quickly. Photo: Tiffanyyoungofficial.Like skin, our hair needs to be masked. CL often dyed bright hair colors to erase many times. Female Rapper maintains a habit of using hair care masks for at least a week / time to maintain healthy gloss. If your hair is damaged due to regular dyeing or must be styled in high temperatures, apply the above method. Photo: Chaelincl
Yura (Girl's Day) cares about the composition of shampoo or discharge to ensure smooth hair. She often chooses products with academic hair formulas. Female singer said learn and use the right hair for hair to limit dry hair. Photo: Yura_936.dara confessed instead of using the effects from machines to get the right hairstyle, she chose a replacement wig. In this way, Dara can refresh the appearance of yourself often without causing hair to be damaged. Photo: Daraxxi.Park Shin Hye always ensures completely dry hair before going to bed. Wet hair will be easier to break if you meet friction with pillows while sleeping. In addition, wet hair is also synonymous with wet scalp, becoming the potentially bacterial bacterium. Since then leads to scalp problems such as eczema or psoriasis. Photo: Ssinz7.Yoon Eun Hye regularly shampoo with a mixture of water and hair conditioners to maintain natural gloss. The actress said she combined with 2-3 drops of essential oils for hair care. This is a quick solution that is loved by Yoon Eun Hye for busy days. Photo: Y1003_grace. Irene needle model using moisturizer for facial skin for hair care. This way overcomes the situation for people with acne on the scalp due to oil hair. You can change the cream with moisturizing spray. Irene Kim said the above method is particularly effective for those with sensitive scalp or damaged hair. Photo: Ireneisgood. Members of NCT 127 often have to change hair color every occasion to launch new products. They confided the secret of using conditioner and hair care to reduce hard curly, split tops. When used frequently, you can restore damaged hair due to harmful effects from the environment or to erase and stain colors many times. Photo: NCT127. Shampoo helps hair to reduce the hair to pay attention to some tips when washing your hair with strong hair, the ball is smooth.

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