10 Types Of Dresses Can Be Harmful But Many People Still Choose

0:00 / 3: 23 nam 10 costume type can be harmful but many people still choose if we don't pay attention to the fabric you are wearing, choose fashionable clothes but not really comfortable, post The fruit can be really bad. Blue swimsuit Lamkhi Choose swimwear for children, choose bright and contrast colors, such as red, ... They stand out on the pool water, lake water or sea

. Better you should Avoid blue swimsuits for both self and children. In this swimsuit, a person in the bottom of the water is almost unable to see, and this is not safe for the obvious reasons. The illustration
The pants are too tight to wear leggings continuously. skin effects. Reality legging is usually made from thick and quite tight material. When moving, the fabric rubbed into your fragile skin. In addition, the body sweats when wearing this pants, the wet environment is a fertile land for bacteria to grow. So you should replace them regularly and wash after each use. Illustration. Some oversized clothes and heavy hoodies can sometimes cause discomfort in the neck and back. Wide sleeves can make you hold your arms in an unnatural position, resulting in muscle strain on the body. The illustration scam
The shady does not have a special brand name of the sunglasses is protecting your eyes Dangerous ultraviolet radiation, not just the brightness of sunlight. If your glasses do not have a log label, this UV 400, this accessory will not bring the maximum protection for you. Unable to determine the ultraviolet resistance with the darkness of the lens. Black glasses can be more harmful than benefits: they make your pupils relax, without ultraviolet ray filters, your eyes can be seriously hurt. Illustration. You should buy sunglasses Special stores with special equipment - called a optical meter. The pencil is suitable for a pencil skirt because of the elegance, but this dress made you difficult to move naturally. Consequences not only shepe that your posture also changes, easy to lead to back pain. The bending of your knees and sitting in this outfit is also difficult, which means that the backs in the back are more stretched in these movements. Illustration. Textile fabrics and textile fabrics are very long and raw. To soften yarns and create elasticity for fabrics, bamboo fabrics are treated with different types of chemicals. These include carbon disulfide, sodium hydroxide and sulfuric acid. All of these compounds are toxic and can be harmful to the environment. The illustration. The thick nylon socks of friction, thick pants can cause skin irritation, leading to rash and bottles. There is another problem - all pants can change the natural position of toes that lead to negative consequences. Therefore, pants can be dangerous similar to shoes with narrow shoe nose or high heels. Illustration vote. Strained capital of elastic synthesis sometimes compresses the forehead muscle, can lead to discomfort and headache . It is better to use the widespread headbands made from natural fabrics. The illustration is illustrated. The knitting of the gemgies of trendy sandals with straps around the ankles and calves is not only annoying But can also harm your feet. These shoes interrupt blood circulation, eventually leading to edema and even varicose veins. Illustration. The professional flops say that sandals do not cover your legs, thus creating Conditions for exposure to bacteria, viruses and mushrooms can cause infections if you have scratches in the nail, or your skin or your immune system is unwell. Moreover, flip-flops can cause heel pain and affect leg positions from there causing a variety of other pain. So only use sandals or flip-flops when going to the Gym or swimming , also other times choose a suitable footwear. Linh (according to Brightside)

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