10 Types Of Sitting To Work Harmful To Office People

The posture sitting wrongly like the back is not straight, vacuum touching the ground, so that the chair is too high or sitting for too long, can be harmful to health.0: 00/2: 54 nam of the way from the eye to the wrong computer The mind must be aligned with a point on the screen, located about 5-7 cm under the upper edge of the screen. Maintain the distance from the eye to the screen about 50 cm. Thus, the head you will keep straight, doesn't lean or bend forward. Besides, if the screen is placed in the correct position, you will be able to look better, neck and back will be comfortable and letter Enjoy the professionals that give advice that your back must be aligned with the back seat, avoiding it to the front

. This will help reduce the feeling of backing back when sitting on working for a long time. Do not touch the ground to adjust the height of the chair suitable for the whole palm of the floor, thighs and legs form a light corner 90 degrees, straight back. Experts also recommend abandoning shoes, especially heels to create comfort for legs
Crossing the foot of a lot of studies said that crossing the foot when working at the table will make the blood vessels tightened, affecting blood circulation, maybe even lead to high blood pressure. So every time you have that intention, you can stand up to rise or walk a little to relax. Do not use the product to support very hard to maintain the ideal posture for health when sitting working in time long. Therefore, some mangrove products produced to support the office people to build a habit of sitting better work. Use them to protect health and physique. Don't adjust the correct sitting posture. Just adjust some small staggerers but will also play an important role so your sitting posture is most comfortable. Don't use a normal chair because you cannot adjust it. Some experts also recommend that you can use a mobile standing desk. Do not break after every 30 minutes of health professionals say that , sitting on work too long will make you fatigue
After a standard sitting time, you can still return to the position that can be harmful to your back. Therefore, get up to break every 30 minutes so the body is relaxed regularly. After 30 minutes of viewing the screen, you should stand up to practice eye muscles for at least 20 seconds and practice a few gyms Gently every hour.Theo researchers, maintaining this habit will help you live longer. Don't adjust the chair height when sitting down to work need to adjust the chair height so that your hips are higher than the head Pillow a bit. Initially it may be difficult, but you need to try to maintain this posture as much as possible. Does the false false statement and arms can cause shoulder pain, shoulder pain, numbness on the session In the morning, even arthritis if prolonged the wrong posture. It is true that the arm folds a 90 degree square angle when typing or working with the computer. You should not hand into the keyboard when typing, should use both hands to hold and hover easily. Don't use the headset to listen to the phone to listen to the specialists recommend wearing a headset when talking to the phone. This helps to keep the right posture and head position, helping you support back pain, especially when making many calls. According to Brightside

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