1001 Questions: Which Mystery Helps Birds Sing Into A Music?

A bird can create a track thanks to a part named syrinx (lower larynx), also known as the managed pipe. This is the only part of the bird. The manager is named after a Greek god named Syrinx, which then turns into an instrument. Minh nuoc not only has a vibrating membrane that has two, sometimes four vibrators with complete structure and fully independent operations. The manager has a similar way of functioning (human) but has more Some other special abilities like it allow birds to make two musical notes at the same time

. Can wallet the bird's pronunciation set like a multi-track orchestra. This has helped the birds get unique and charming sounds. No such things in every other bird species have different structures, so the ability of bird singing is very diverse
Birds can create melodious music from their singing and repeatedly like a walker of a song. Birds can also emit independent calls that are not music or other birds that have no chirs, but there are species that have become famous thanks to their typical tunes. Like them We learn to play music, most birds learn how to imitate other children, remember and practice. While most artificial animals have known all the sounds they need in life, the birds are like humans, they learn singing like how we learn to say that. Has conducted a mathematical model to explain why birds can sing the same tone. Sober conducted a study with a physicist Michael Brainard of the University of California, San Francisco. Sober takes Bengalese sparrows to model to study the mechanism to adjust errors in the sound bar of the brain. Also similar to humans, birds learn sounds through listen to adult birds. A few days after hatching, Bengalese sparrows began to imitate the cries of adult birds. Non-young sparrow continues to practice, listen to his voice and fix false errors until they can sing like bigger birds
The meaning behind the songs. The breeding season, most of which are falling in the spring. That's why you often hear more birds in the spring, the song is one of the ways for birds to attract your partner. In many species, only the male birds can be sized. Territory. Singing also shows the territory of birds and is also used to protect their territory. Birds can express their strength by singing complex or simpler tracks than to increase the volume to go to the rival's song. If a bird wants to take the territory of another, they will listen to singing to evaluate their opponents. Next with eggs. Many birds singing for their eggs listen. And studies show that this phenomenon is not only purpose of teaching the birds that have not yielded the melody of species. For example, in some species, it seems that parents use songs to warn their children about climate change, including changing the temperature, before the eggs hatch. The results of this study show that these songs can be the essential adaptation of birds.Top birds singing or the most beautiful colored mi-colored eyelashes but has a blue eye border should be called a mi. To have a MI or must choose according to the standard: the body, tail, mines, legs, the eyelids must be long. Most of the mammoths are hard, so it is difficult. Want to feed the sake long or feed a small bird, just go without jumping. Fur hair from light yellow to dark brown. The back toe is quite long, eating insects and seeds. Spring double ends, laying from 3 to 5 eggs. Life double drums are very intimate. Both incubation and raising children. Today people use synthetic food, birds are still healthy, easy to raise. Cases have a very good, in and high songs. Son shifts have a high flight behavior and slowly land, just landing and singing every time. So the cage of paint must be taller than a meter. Blanks are fraudied at the head, the sound of the blank, in the heart of the bird-shaped pie-shaped shape: black and white, black, black brown and beautiful, bringing a posterior look with the tail Long removal. Black and white shape is not beautiful with black brown but easy, easy to raise. The black and white type called the lime. Singing the big coal, wine, enough voices, voice pouring and singing, boldly. The coal voice has enough high, low and deep supply, when violin like a violin. The voice song does not accrue like a mi but injecting the coal is still arranged in the village of the Four Great Gift because of the day, the voice is in the right Fire has very nice singing, best in the early morning but there are disadvantages that are weak, difficult to raise and eat. It just likes to eat insects, eggs so so it is not as popular as the birds on. Chau Chau Anh / Tien Phong

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