1001 Questions: Why Does The Penguin Feather Have Never Crowded?

Penguins in Antarctica live in an extremely harsh environment when the temperature here can be reduced to -40 ° C and the speed of the wind can reach 140km / hour. So why, this bird's hair is never closed? Penguins are also called wing penguins (Sphenisciformes, Spheniscidae - Taking the spending of spheniscus means wedge shaped) is a non-winged bird set Water is mainly in the South hemidoscopic area. Animalist only the whole snow, with the lowest average annual temperature in the continents on the earth, but the penguin still lives and has dozens of different species . Has with thick hair, thick fat to cold. The volume changes depending on the species, can be up to a few dozen kilograms

. They often live in their flocks, crowded to thousands of penguins eating krill, fish, squid and other marine creature forms they catch while swimming underwater. They cost about half of the time on land and the remaining half in the oceans. Therefore, according to conventional theory, these penguins must become frozen icebergs in the blink of an eye in the Antarctic Environment
However, the reality is the opposite and the penguins have Survive in an epic environment for a long time. Their feathers never froze. A recent new study discovered that, because on the penguin feathers with tiny grooves and covered a special layer of oil, it was never crowded into ice. Pirouz Kavehpour, a mechanical engineer at the University of California in Los Angeles and colleagues studied Feathers of Gentoo penguins in Antarctica under electronic microscope. They found that the surface of this feather Foreign with tiny small holes with nano-size. This structure arises a strange phenomenon. The structure filled with these nanopartes will make the water drops tend to slip away and not be retained and freeze. Penguins will also produce oil from a special route near the tail and use the mine To apply up the whole body. This oil will operate similarly to a waterproof active ingredient. Many people think that researching the frozen on penguin feathers is just a meaninglessness
However, scientists and engineers claim that these new findings will help complement the development of anti-freezing technology on airplane wings. This is really a much value study Million dollars and help strengthen the safety of civil and military goods worldwide.

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