101 Carat Diamond Auction In Electronic Money

According to Sotheby's information, this auction house will accept Bitcoin or Ether payment for the giant diamond 101.38 carat at the auction on July 9, thereby creating an important milestone for The approval of the cost in transactions, payments.Sotheby's estimates this managed diamond can sell for up to 15 million USD and if successful, this is the most expensive tangible object ever greeted Selling publicly in cash with encryption.Josh Pullan, Sotheby's luxury department manager, said the demand for gemstones is increasing from the younger, rich in economy, many of them They are in Asia. The diamond-shaped diamonds weighs 101,38 Carat about to be auctioned

. Photo: Sotheby's. According to Bloomberg, the auction units gradually accepted encryption. Phillips has sold the work of Banksy street artist in June with Ethereum or Bitcoin
The diamond is about to be sold rarely. According to Pullan, less than 10 diamonds weighing more than 100 carats once auctioned, of which only 2 tablets have pears. Before that, Christie also allows payment by Ethereum in a auction in a set of artwork Digital Art.George Bak, who is in charge of contemporary digital art museum and a Blockchain expert, said many auction company leaders are surprised by the enthusiastic interest of houses Collections want to pay with encrypted money. "Many rich people quickly thanks to the volatility of the money market in the past year, so they strongly spent", Bak said. "If you want to compete in the art world as an agent or auction company, allowing cash-encrypted payment collectors will create attractions." Regular encryption price Increasing erratic decreases, but the auctioners are rarely affected. Risks, if any, primarily affects the owner of objects, according to BAK. However, this expert said that in the near future, Coin could not completely replace the role of traditional currency. "The parallel existence between electronic wallets with real-life artwork is what brings a lot of development potentials
But at the beginning stage like the present, it can be a process of accumulating experience for everyone, "said this expert. According to Bloomberg

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