11 Truth About Love, Know As Soon As Possible Before Getting Married

Love, marriage is art and woman is artist.0: 00/2: 16 Southern Southern affectionates like sand on the coast, the more you try to grasp, get up tightened, the sand will be Push out. But if you relax, open the hand, you will find yourself a lot of sand that you also feel relaxed, softer. Help you avoid mistakes in love, marriage to build a happy home: 1. The more you try to hold or control your partner with you, the more you push it away

. Once emotions and obligations actions, it will lose meaning.2. The more you hate what is in your partner, you are hiding in me
If it's easy to ignore, then you have washed it for a long time. The more options, the more satisfactory levels of us. Because our proper choice ratio will decrease and we will have to trade many things to have a WARD. The more I think about what and reminds you to do it, then you won't do it. Because you will be overshadowed by the price to pay when doing rather than when not doing. We often always want to get values but don't want to pay the price.5. Regardless of what is available, the more we don't appreciate. Even we have blind faith who will exist forever or at least not lose now.6
People often treat their mates the same way they treat themselves. So you are worse with your partner, the more I hurt yourself.7. The more you hear about your mistake, the better you think you are perfect. Because you are comfortable with defects, so natural mates will not pay attention to them.8. The more you explain, the more you don't believe. Because only the guys are startled and shocked. There are things, let the answer time. You are right you don't need to explain, the more you don't have to explain.9. "The more you know, the more questions you have". So the smart guy always finds himself lacking knowledge, idiots to think of themselves wisely. In marriage love sometimes keeps stupid a little good. 10. The more you are afraid of anything, the easier it is. Because of the imagination of this event, repeated in the brain, causing autism, attracting bad things to you.11. What is sure about what is more uncertain. Because the only thing never changes, it is a change.

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