11 Useful Tips From Salt May Not Know

Salt has in almost every place with very cheap prices, while its uses seem to be infinite.02 / 2: 52 south under this is 11 useful use of salt that you should not ignore. New Old clothes If you have tried every way to save your favorite old clothes, don't try salt. Soak clothes in salt water or add a little salt to the laundry process, you will be surprised with the result. New and cleans flowers easily to keep your fake flowers without dusty sticks for little salt to eat Into the bag (preferably paper) and fake flowers and shake well

. Salt will remove all traces of dirt and the flowers will be beautiful back. Local lipstick wash dishes are also difficult to clean the lipstick on the cup. Most lipsticks today have a water-proof formula so it is difficult to wash, especially when lipstick sticks to glass or porcelain
However, this annoyance can be removed by using a slight salt with a stubborn lipstick stain. Must exfoliation can eliminate dead skin, enhance blood circulation and improve your skin health. This way is particularly effective if you apply it in relaxing hot baths. Remember to apply salt when the skin is still slightly wet and massage in a circle. To get better exfoliating results, use sea salt. Toothpaste soothpaste only needs to dip wet brushes into salt and brushing teeth gently. Also, add a little salt to your daily toothpaste solution, your teeth will be increased protection levels, sterilized, removing stains and brighter white. Check the quality of eggs if you fall into the situation Do not know if eggs are fresh or not, can try with salt water. Just add 2 tablespoons of salt to a cup of water (or any other container, as long as it is large enough to contain eggs) and drop eggs inside . If it sinks down, it is good
On the contrary, if the egg floats, be careful and do not use them. Reducing sore throat or diluted salt water has a magical effect to treat sore throat. The mouthwash with salt water will loosen mucus, reduces swelling and preventing bacteria in your throat. Long lifespan brush in professionals, if you want to use the brush longer, as soon as you buy it, you buy it So soak it in salt water for a while. This will help extend the life of the toothbrush. Help the lip, smooth, not only good to protect the skin or exfoliate but also help take care of your lips. According to experts, if you feel the lips are rough, dry, don't have a slight, just sprinkle a little salt on the brush and rub lightly on the lips for a few minutes and rinse. Lips will always be soft, healthier. Lender oral health with excellent anti-bacterial properties and is a cheap product that helps improve your oral health. To treat sore throat, you can rinse your mouth with salt solution for 30 to 60 seconds. This is a way to soothe any wounds or ulcers in the throat, and is particularly effective in keeping the mouth always fragrant. Throw the sewer, if the drain in the house is clogged that you do not have the substance, Try with salt. Pour 1/2 salt bowl, salt, contribute to handling grease in your clogged pipeline. Vy (Source: Brightside.me)

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