11 Wedding Celebrities, Women Have 9 Stacks But All ‘kicks’ Fly All For Difficult Reasons!

Everyone shows the 'Matching Earth' Woman who dares to marry this divorce and her journey to find her husband doesn't seem to stop 9: 00/3: 29 namclone, 52 years old, have been married 11 times with 9 different husbands, including 2 people she married twice. She started walking into a marriage life when she was very young, while just graduating from replied in a TV show, Monet shared: "I know the first husband while studying 3 and me Once told my sister that someday I will take him. And 2 months later, we were really married. "" The life of life with the second husband is really happy, but we still go to divorce. Then I feel we can still be together, so I married him again, "Monet shared his" Monday and his 3rd and the first marriage monet with her husband School

. Next wedding, Monet doubles with a divorced man and she loves her husband's children, but then their love still can't go further. The next man comes to Monet Leave her most emotions. Monet confessed: "The 5th person is one of those I really love in life
The 6th stack was very good so after divorce with this person I married him again. "Although the husband's life lasts long but Monet still admitted she didn't think carefully before taking A few people. She met the 8th-day-old husband and only 1 week later, Monet drove to Vegas to marry him. The 9th person is good, but it's just normal, not too attractive. The husband was married to 2 times because it was good. Continue to tell: "The 10th husband is my elementary friend. He is a good person but we should have just stopped at a friend level. 11th I have nothing to say, he doesn't even go here with me ".monet acknowledges himself who is easily falling into love and she was properly proposed 28 times, but through 11 weddings She still didn't intend to stop searching for the right husband to live with her for the rest of her life. All husbands were "kicked" because after a while living together, Ms
Monet found them not to match me. Did not suit it to make a better person. That's why her husband's husband increases. Her husband's other husband's life. Talking: "No less than 1 time I used to think that the upcoming marriage is probably not durable, in When I still expect it to be the true man of my life. I brought that thought to live with my husbands, but now, I'm probably not looking forward to "because Monet for 2 years is dating a 57-year-old man who has two wives . They also knew each other over the social network and only after 3 dating times, the man was confessed and they were in love with each other. Before the eyes, she still didn't intend to marry this husband but Miss Monet still Do not give up thoughts will increase the number of times on their flower cars. For her, the journey to find a nice husband, can accompany the lives more important than all. Monet is always interested in his marriage. Many people are finished reading the story Ms. Monet felt quite unexpected. Many of them also asked why this woman could seduce that men for their flower cars. Many people want to marry once difficult. On this, the old woman can another one becomes a bride and has a husband and more husbands. The two sides need to humble, change themselves to fit their mates. However, anyway, no one doesn't have their own ideals. And maybe Ms. Monet won't stop marriage until she finds your husband completely with me about everything.

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