11-year-old Walk 330 Km To Do Special Things Not Everyone Thought Of

11-year-old boy from England was inspired by the Swedish Environmental Activity Greta Thunberg to take actions that caused many people to experience 0:00 / 2: 01 nam11-year-old Jude Walker walking walking 330 km with Hope to save Earthjude Walker, a 11-year-old boy, on an adventure that he hopes to help her planet. She decided to make a walk from forgot the house in northern England to London For the purpose of attracting everyone's support, the proposal to impose carbon taxes to solve carbon emissions.Jude Walker, living in the Hebden Bridge area in Yorkshire was inspired to make a trip from activists The Swiss Greta Thunberg environment, one of the world's most influential teenagers, named the climate change hero at the age of 16. The boy's program is expected to last about 330 km, each The day he walked about 16 km. He will end the journey at St James Park, London, England

. The boy has bravely overcome the hills, the rain and the doubts along the long trip. 11-year-old baby believes that imposing carbon tax is an important step to reduce emissions, prevent the process Pushing the earth into the scene where he called a destruction. Representative of the United Nations Climate Commission said the global warming phenomenon is at a dangerous level that is almost out of control and the world will surely have to Face with more negative climates for decades, many centuries JUDE WALKER said: "Now many people know about climate change and I think the limit of carbon emissions is one The best solutions in this regard "
Walker wants to enlist the support of many people, encourage everyone to sign a carbon emission tariff petition. There are about 57,000 people signing a petition Boy's. If you get 100,000 thoroughly, your suggestion will be sent and reviewed to give arguments in the British Parliament.Sarah, the boy's mother is proud to share that for the first time when Walker gives a real idea There are a long journey, everyone thinks that the boy cannot do it but the results have proven the opposite. "We have raised obstacles that my son might be able to face but Walker reflected everything and determined to do it ".

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