1,200 Nestlé Vietnamese Employees Made The Production Of ‘3 In Place’

In order to maintain production, about 1,200 employees are implementing '3 on-premises' and strictly apply 5k at 4 factories of Nestlé Vietnam.0.Nam.0: 00/1: 39 Nam Nestlé Vietnam Member of Vietnam implemented " 3 spot ". Photo: TL

.Theo Mr. Binu Jacob, General Director of Nestlé Vietnam, has about 1,200 employees who are implementing the plan "3 in place", and strictly applying the 5k principle at 4 factories of Nestlé Vietnam in Vietnam Over the past 2 months. On-site activities are also organized by the company so that employees have more comfortable psychology
Meanwhile, the entire office block is working at home and also facilitated to have enough work equipment to set high efficiency. Binu Jacob shares: "We care about employees and Always perform all measures to ensure safety for your employees. As a manufacturing and processing company, we are implementing the "3-in-place" plan according to the guidance of the management agency to ensure safety for factory staff, both ensure continuity of production ". With the goal of ensuring continuity in production and business activities, Nestlé Vietnam implements a series of solutions to adapt quickly to policy changes. The solutions include more leased warehouses Beach to increase the ability to store raw materials and packaging in place, meet the needs of customers through direct delivery to stores without transferring transit warehouses, ensuring non-exposure delivery face with serious challenges of warehouses due to the total warehouse located in the south as well as the shortage of the driver. Besides, Nestlé Vietnam has actively participated and supports the prevention of pandemic prevention activities of The Government, including support for the first and small commune forces and small business partners. Up to now, the total value of activities to support and sponsor nutritional products, masks, medical equipment and cash is over VND 55 billion.

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