12km Of Coastal Xuyen Moc Is Planned Into A ‘capital’ International Tourism Tourism

Currently, there are many large tourism and resort projects that have been deploying construction such as The Grand Ho Tram Resort, NovaWorld Ho Tram ... 0:00 / 0: 00 Nou Southern Ria-Vung Tau Province Recently passed the resolution on coastal areas in Phuoc Thuan communes, Cotton Trang, Bung Rieng and Binh Chau (Xuyen Moc district). This is considered a potential place, advantage to the sea and forests to become an internationally-class mixed tourist area, combining nature conservation

. Then, the scope is planned in part of the Ven Phuoc Thuan commune, Binh Chau commune and the entire beachfront of Bong Trang commune, Bung Rieng (Xuyen Moc district). The area of this area is about 1,291,19ha, the total length of the research route is 15km, the length of coastal lines is 12km. The regional area planning with the North borders Binh Chau-Phuoc Buu Nature Reserve, The south borders the East Sea, the East borders on the project of Hien Nga resort tourist resort, the West borders the provincial road 328 (Public beach in Ho Tram, Phuoc Thuan commune)
This area is planned as a solid function area Enemy with the main function is a mixed tourism and a variety of resort types. A regional corner is planned with large-scale projects being implemented. Photo: Computers, this place will be a tourism development area interspersed with trade and tourism areas; Lodging; culture and sports; synthetic entertainment; Activities of scientific research, conservation, nature conservation, ecological environment and other public functional areas serving visitors and locals in accordance with the development requirements, attracting investment and ends Pushing the socio-economic development of the province. The goal of Ba Ria-Vung Tau province towards the planning of this area is to build a cross-carery coastal strip space to develop according to a comprehensive, balanced strategy and Sustainably. Besides, the planning is harmonious between economic development with the conservation of marine ecosystems, forest ecosystems, environmental protection and defense security. In that kinds of mixed tourism case, tourism conservation-research-health care, eco-tourism - Safari wildlife, resort tourism - entertainment - diverse sea sports attached to the forest, lake and sea ... full The area is divided into four functional partitions. The first is a mixed tourism development zone (scale of 243
54ha) as an access area for Ho Tram, the sea has a large water-stable sandy beach, associated with Ho Tram complex eco-tourism area. Second, the development area of resort tourism - Research - Health care (scale of 154.55ha) is the area to approach Binh Chau-Phuoc Buu Nature Reserve, associated with the study of birth systems Thai, discovering terrestrial biodiversity, underwater combination of nature reserve tourism. Close to radar stations, marine with reefs, hill-mountain topography, specific landscapes. Finally, the area of tourism development - entertainment - entertainment - sea sports (scale 262,06ha) is the region Approaching Binh Chau urban with a narrow coastline but the terrain of sand hills, landscapes associated with natural lake rivers. With coastal routes connecting from Vung Tau - Long Hai - Phuoc Hai - Loc An - Ho Tram - Binh Chau is Invested in upgrading, Expansion, Ba Ria-Vung Tau province expects to create a series of connections in both traffic and society between localities and popular tourist spots to build a new appearance for the spear-tourism economic sector of the province in the future.

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