14-year-old Warriors Beyond ‘death Sentence’ Spectacular Blood Cancer

'Transfer more bottles', 'It's time for injections', 'trying to go' ... are the sayings haunting the 14-year-old boy for a long time.su is the intimate name of Nguyen The Anh (Cam Pha , Quang Ninh)

. At the age of 20, filled with ambitions and dreams, he still couldn't forget to fight with blood cancer. That year, he was 14 years old. The small house of him lies on a hill
His parents work as a freelance, unstable jobs to maintain family living standards. So he was the youngest child in the family, he had two sisters who were working in Ho Chi Minh City and the brother who had just walked on the team. The British at the time of fighting with illness. September 2015, so I have The exhibits are tired, coughing, hemorrhage under the skin in the legs, there are unspecified purple marks in the abdomen and or have a fever into the same time. Family still thinks it's just normal fever so Much worries. One morning while studying at school, so he suddenly bleeding his orange. Teachers quickly called their families and put this birth to emergency. Come on the same day, the family was not safe, so he led to his hematology - central blood transfusion in Hanoi. After checking, the doctor told him the Legal Legus with the myelia level (also known as blood cancer). The result was like a lightning strike with the whole family
At the age of 14, he knew he had to fight the death every day. He shared: "At that time, our home was old, just refurbished, not paying the fees to receive fees. Frustrated families do everything to have money to close the hospital fee. Also, loved ones, schools and strong sponsors supported, the family can take care of me, "so his red eyes remembered Mom had just done, borrowed to heal me. I was transmitted by a diaperman, Red Cau and transferred to the dialysis room. A month later, the doctor informed him to face 5 chemical transmissions. The first time of chemotherapy, so he felt worried when the hair began to fall, eating and drinking difficulties caused by chemicals causing mouth ulcers, Health declined markedly. After that, then he was taken away, he recalled: "At that time, I couldn't stand up, normally walked back to pain too." After a year after 1 year against the disease. , So I always feel depressed, sometimes want to give up. Looking around everyone's disease is tired of chemotherapy, the face of pale, skinny, sick, so he is even more lucky at that time in Hanoi with a belief and hope, due to Mr. Tran Thanh Luan is the club leader, always onbound to encourage young people like that. "He led the children to eat, all of these things to motivate us to look at the future. Club belief and hope like a wind blowing away fatigue and anxiety of child warriors, "he said. Laughing of young people with blood cancer in a meal with beliefs and HY Quong. Dong Nguyen Huy Nguyen, his father's father, tells: "It's been a long time I saw me so happy. When I heard the news home, he kept asking me:" I'm going to get back? " . Listen to my wife, my wife tears tears, I encourage me to try to go up and then my whole family. "After 2 years of maintaining medical examination and treatment, then you can rest assured somewhat. Doctor said he just needed Re-examination periodically every 3 months / time. "Escape from death, I am very happy. Now, I cherish life very much, no different from a living opportunity. I used to be pessimistic , desperately in the periods of chemotherapy but received help, encouragement, I was like to get more motivated. "" I want to thank my parents. Dad always asked: "Do you need anything? Are you tired? ". Mother went out for a moment in his eyes and turned to his eyes. I love it very much, I really woke up and continued to fight," he added. English and sick babies that are sick that year is now The young, healthy young man participated in many sports activities. He is now a healthy 20-year-old. Due to healing, he learned a late 2 years, so he had just undergone the high school graduation exam. "I only hope to stay healthy to keep your family worry. In the future I also have private plans." , he said.Nam this young man also does not forget to send comments to people who are treating cancer: "We are not given out because behind are always families, friends and many plans in life are waiting for me ". Pham Ha Anh

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