15 Beautiful People Join Miss Mexico 2021 With Covid-19

At least 15 beautiful people are contestants participating in Miss Mexico 2021 contest in a total of 32 beautiful competing people with Covid-19. Information is spread after the competition ends and identifies the beautifully crowned <: 00/1: 37 NandyRang Guardian Date 7-7 Miss Mexico 2021 contest information is organized despite the disease situation Still stress. And consequences, 15 contestants make Covid-19. In addition, an employee in the scenes of the contest is also positive. Mexico's Chihuahua State Health Department confirmed

. "Although many contestants have cough symptoms, body aches and even high temperatures but the organizers suggest candidates do not complain, complain" - a source News Revealed with Reforma newspaper. The contestants participated in Miss Mexico 2021 before the contest took place, the beautiful people were together with the organizers to perform a professional trip at the school in the beautiful Copper canyon but poverty . They awarded school supplies and exchanges with small circumstances
According to Reforma, after this trip, 10 contestants have symptoms of Covid-19. The final meeting of Miss Mexico 2021 took place on July 1, 2 days earlier than the original plan. Currently, the ending of the finale to earlier than 2 days has not been announced by the Organizing Committee. Health officials in Chihuahua state accused the organizers of the Miss Union and try to cover the contestant Covid-19. The Department of Health said they got a call for anonymously about the situation of contestants spread the disease. "We regret about the lack of honesty and transparency of the contest organizers" The Department of Health said. Mexico Mexico 2021 contest with the victory belongs to the beautiful Karolina Vidales.karolina Vidales Vidales will represent Mexico to participate in Miss World 2021minh Khue (according to Guardian)

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