15-year-old Boy Royal Enfield Motorbike Into Electric Vehicle

A 15-year-old boy from northern India has built old Royal Enfield motorbikes into electric vehicles from scrap parts with a budget of only 600 USD.02: 00/1: 10 South Rajan, 15 years old From New Delhi, India owns an old Royal Enfield motorbike and then, he on the idea of converting it into an excellent electric vehicle. Attentionally invested in a cost of about 600 USD (more than 12 Million VND) to buy electric motor equipment for the car. Some details are Rajan to take advantage of the discarded scraps.View video: 00: 00/03: 34 Electric motor is mounted by the boy right below the car fuel tank helps the vehicle design unchanged

. This eco-friendly machine can move at a speed of about 50 km / h with a range of 100 km per fully charged. However, it is unfortunate that Rajan cannot get a driver's degree until he 16 years of age despite the skill, your driving technique is quite professional. Hoang Anh (according to Newflares) You own a poison or super beautiful vehicle? Please share videos, information to motorbike cars according to email: otoxemay@vietnamnet
vn. The appropriate content will be posted. Thank you!

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