2 Million Doses Of Moderna Vaccine Supported By The Us To Hanoi To Hanoi

On the morning of July 10, the aircraft carrying 2 million doses of Vaccine Moderna supported by the US government through the Mechanism of COVAX has landed in Hanoi.0: 00/2: 42 Nouthern region according to the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) Vietnam, this morning, July 10, Vietnam received 2 million doses of Vaccine Moderna supported by the US government through the COVAX mechanism - the global access mechanism with the Vaccine to prevent Covid-19. Vaccine Covid-19 due The US government awarded Vietnam to Noi Bai International Airport 10 / 7. The Vaccine was among the 80 million vaccine doses that US President Joe Biden was committed to providing from the domestic vaccine in May to Meeting the demand for vaccinations across the globe. Speaking at the vaccine reception ceremony, Mr

. Christopher Klein, the American Embassy of the Embassy in Vietnam, shared: "This vaccine gives us hope about An end to the fight against Covid-19. It gives us hope that we will be able to return to normal life. "United Nations welcomes the vaccine vaccine to prevent Covid-19 Fairies supported by the US government through Vaccine Covax sharing mechanism came to Vietnam
"The United Nations was delighted by the Vaccine Covid-19 awarded by the US government through the Covax Vaccine Sharing Mechanism to come Vietnam today, "said Kamal Malhotra - the United Nations Resident Coordinator in Vietnam, speech.HOA and Vietnam cooperated to improve Vietnam's capacity to respond to pandemic Covid-19, based on a long-term cooperative relationship between the two countries and US support is worth more than $ 1 billion over the years to help Vietnam develop medical infrastructure. Overall, the Minister of Health Nguyen Thanh Long received the Vaccine made by the United States through the Covax mechanism from the US Embassy of Christopher Klein and Mr. Kamal Malhotra, the United Nations Resident Coordinator at the United Nations Vietnam. In Vietnam, besides awarding Vaccine, the US has supported more than 17.7 million USD for prevention and control of epidemics from the early days. Vaccin Lot E Today, Vietnam received 2,493,600 Astrazeneca vaccine doses through Covax. COVAX mechanisms made by innovative innovations are available for epidemics (CEPI), GAVI, World Health Organization (WHO), and UNICEF plays a key distribution partner.HOA has committed. Cooperate with partners around the world to respond to tremendous impacts on public health and the economy that pandemic causes
HOA contributed $ 2 billion to the global alliance on vaccines and Vaccination (GAVI) to support Covax to buy and distribute Vaccine Covid-19 to 92 countries with low and low-low income, becoming the largest single financial donor for the Covax mechanism. The United States for Covax is aimed at supporting the Covid-19 vaccine approach in a fair way for the world's highest vulnerable and risky groups, including the leading medical staff. Biden also announced that the United States will provide 500 million pfizer-biontech vaccine doses for GAVI to distribute through Covax for 92 countries and low-low and low-income economies with low-definition c It is committed to the advanced open market (Covax AMC) of Gavi and African Union. Vietnam is one of these countries.

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